Man charged with molesting his nieces - 9 and 13 years old


A man who is alleged to have molested his nieces — 9 and 13 years old — by touching them sexually and furnishing porn for them to watch, has been arrested and charged with child molesting, sodomy with a child, sexual abuse in the first degree, furnishing pornographic materials to a minor, and endangering the welfare of a child.
He made his initial appearance in the District Court last week and his arraignment is set for today in the High Court.
In the interest of protecting the identity of the minor victims, Samoa News is withholding the names of all parties involved in this case.
Currently, the man, identified by the two victims as their great uncle, is in custody at the TCF and is being held on bail of $50,000
According to the government's case, the incident was reported to police last Monday, Nov. 25
Court documents state the defendant came to live with the victims in August 2011. It is alleged that the uncle would perform sexual acts on the girls by touching their private parts and exposing himself to the girls when their parents weren't around.
The girls told police that their uncle would invite them into his bedroom to watch pornographic movies and he would make the girls touch his manhood.
In addition, according to the girls, their uncle would touch himself sexually and make them watch "numerous times".
The girls told police that their uncle had penetrated them both and the 9-year-old recalled how her uncle performed oral sex on her. In addition to the girls, their younger brother also told police that he witnessed their uncle placing his 9-year-old sister's hand on his private area while the girl was carrying their baby sister in the other hand.
Court filings say that on November 21, 2013 the defendant called the younger victim into his bedroom where he was watching a porn movie. “Victim covered her eyes with her hands but defendant would slap her hands away from her face,” say court filings. According to the girl’s mother, the victim did not attend school that day because she was feeling sick.
Police contacted the defendant via cell phone to inform him that they were investigating allegations against him and the defendant voluntarily agreed to meet police officers at a shopping center in Nuuuli. The two parties met there before heading to the CID office.
According to court records, when questioned by police, "Defendant was teary-eyed and his speech was slurred, as if he was about to cry." The Defendant told police, "what I did was wrong, and I'm afraid."
In his written statement, the defendant said that sometime in 2012, he penetrated the 9-year-old victim and he did so 6-7 different times. He even admitted to performing oral sex on her and said all the incidents occurred in his bedroom. He admitted that he would make the victims touch his private area, and that he would touch himself sexually while the girls were looking. The defendant told police that he made the girls watch porn about 6 times and said he told the girls not to tell their parents. He also told police that he would give the girls money.
The older victim, the 13-year-old, told police that she awoke one time to the defendant rubbing her breasts while she was in the room sleeping with the baby. She said her uncle left the room after she told him that she was going to tell her mother about what he did.
She also told police that one day, her uncle asked her if he could perform oral sex on her and she said no.
The older girl told police that one time, she and her sister were both standing outside their uncle's bedroom door and when he passed by, he grabbed both of their private areas at the same time. He also fondled them both through their pants on one occasion when they were sleeping in their room.
According to the 13-year-old, their uncle would give her and her sister $2-$3 every Thursday or Friday.


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