Busy Corner: Tisa & The Shark

Evening at Tisa's Barefoot Bar in Alega. [Busy Corner]

At Tisa's Barefoot Bar in Alega, American Samoa, the coral reef is healthy, vigorous and populated by species of fish, mammals, coral and algae that comprise the complete food chain top to bottom.

After 32 years of protection and enforcement, Tisa and her companion, Candyman, have brought back to life an ecosystem that had suffered from overfishing, illegal fishing and acts of reckless human intervention.

In addition to the occasional angry confrontation with speargun and scuba equipped hunters, Tisa provided a human, and culturally ancient value to the restoration. These acts of kindness and goodwill encouraged even the largest fish to return to their habitat.

The development of Tisa's Marine Sanctuary is a living lesson to environmental groups. Perseverance, determination, daily monitoring and a mother like obsession with preserving life are the keys to restoring important coral reefs back to healthy states.


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