Local Republican delegation travels to National Convention

PAGO PAGO, AS — The Republican Party of American Samoa will be seeing many of its members leave over the next several days to attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida, which begins the week of August 27.

Led by Party Chairman Dr. Victor T. Tofaeono, the delegation looks to interact with other Samoans and Pacific islanders who live in Florida, RNC members and delegates from all 50 states and five territories.

Fifty thousand people are expected to be in Tampa for this national event, of which 2,286 are delegates and 2,125 are alternate delegates.  “It is an exciting time for our party with the Vice-Presidential running mate just recently being named,” commented Dr. Tofaeono. “We look forward to meeting with the delegations from other states and focusing on getting Mitt Romney in the White House in the general election in November.”

This by no means is just a vacation for the 14 strong delegation from American Samoa, who plan to go to work in committees and subcommittees towards bettering their party as a whole and represent the people of American Samoa.

All members of the delegation have paid over $2,500 of their own money to attend the national convention in Tampa and fight for the conservative values that they believe in strongly in American Samoa.

Some of the delegation members from the Territory also will be meeting in different committees to further help strengthen the influence of the territory within the party.

Su'a Schuster and Aumua Amata will serve on Rules; Dr. Falema'o Pili and Sherry Ah Hing on Credentials while Aofaga Ricky Salanoa and Ali Pili will serve on the Committee on Permanent Organization. 

One important committee is the Platform committee that will decide the strategy and direction of the Republican Party for the next four years. Delegate Salote Schuster and Brandon Smart will serve on Platform.

 “American Samoa is in a great position to discuss our positive gains and what we have learned as a territory over the last couple of years when it comes to education and health care,” explained Executive Director of the Republican Party in American Samoa, Brandon Smart.

“We are in a unique situation on the island in both education and health care that other places across the United States don't face. Because of this particular position we are in, we have learned different ways to address these issues and can share our knowledge with other delegates who can then take them back to their states and territories.” 

This year's delegation from American Samoa will have the longest serving current RNC Member with them, Aumua Amata, serving 26 consecutive years dating back to 1986.

 “It is very humbling and an honor to serve American Samoa in this capacity and I thank my late father for getting me started as a young girl in serving our community both here and in Washington DC,” expressed a delighted Aumua.

"This is a very exciting time for me personally as I will get to see my daughter Kirsten Amata deliver our first grandchild while visiting the states before I come back. These next few weeks will be busy but I believe our delegation will be very successful in representing our islands and helping develop the Republican Party.”

The delegation includes: Aofaga Ricky Salanoa; Dr. Victor and Aano Tofaeono; Dr. Falema'o and Ali Pili; Brandon Smart; Sherry Ah Hing; Su'a and Salote Schuster; Johnny Mapu; Natasha Ledoux; Va'a Tofaeono, Aumua Amata and Bernadette Lafaele.

Source: Republican Party of American Samoa


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