Former Miss American Samoa, Arrielle La’asaga Tuilefano Falealili Maloata, accompanied by military officials, following a one-on-one interview with Public Relations Officers of the 9th Mission Support Command at Sadie’s by the Sea. [photo: JL]

Former Miss American Samoa Arrielle La’asaga Tuilefano Falealili Maloata thought she was out of the spotlight when she handed over her crown last Friday night. However, a Public Relations Officer with the 9th Mission Support Command flew in specifically for an interview with Arrielle given her capacity as Miss American Samoa 2012- 2013 and all the while a reservist soldier with the US Army.
Arrielle of Malaeloa is the daughter of Faleupolu Maloata and Theresa Falealili.
Captain Liana Mayo with the 9th Mission Support Command, who was in the territory for three days, was hoping to view the pageant firsthand, however they came in the same night of the pageant. The 9th Mission Support Command has its headquarters in Honolulu, Hawaii.
Captain Mayo explained the 9th Mission Support Command has a new commanding general, Brigadier General John Cardwell, who wants to tell the stories of the military men and women in the Pacific who are part of 9th Mission Support Command.
“The 9th Mission Support Command is a very unique support command and it has the largest geographic footprint, which covers all of the Pacific islands and with that large footprint is a diversity of culture, geography, people, history, culture and also different types of units given the wide variety.
“He wants to tell the great stories… of each island people who are in this support command given its uniqueness,” said Captain Mayo.
 She further noted that their General was excited about having their first piece with Arrielle, who’s a beauty queen in the military — which are total opposite aspects. Captain Mayo told Samoa News they will be traveling to other Pacific islands for the same purpose — to show the diversity of the US Army’s ‘footprint’.
The Captain further noted that Arrielle — a fellow reservist while serving as a beauty queen — is a Motor Transport Operator, holding the title Corporal (CPL) with the Bravo Company 100th Battalion.
When asked about how the two roles connected, Arrielle said it was an advantage, given that during her travel for trainings, whenever the Samoan communities found out she was on base, they had picked her up and treated her with utmost respect and she felt like she was home.
Arrielle is the only soldier ever crowned a beauty queen in the 9th Mission Support Command.
Captain Mayo also told Samoa News that during their visit they were able to interview other soldiers, including Lt. Governor Lemanu Peleti Mauga, a military retiree.
Samoa News should point out that the US Army is the third largest employer in American Samoa.

Former Miss American Samoa, Arrielle La’asaga Tuilefano Falealili Maloata during her a one-on-one interview with Public Relations Officers of the 9th Mission Support Command, Captain Liana Mayo at Sadie’s by the Sea Monday morning. [photo: JL]


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