Twenty five take Oath to become “Army Strong”

Local Army recruiter SSG Lauie Laban-Ilalio recites the Soldier’s Creed yesterday during the swearing-in ceremony for 25 local US Army recruits who took the Oath of Enlistment, administered by Capt. Constance Quinlan of the Honolulu MEPS. The Soldier’s Creed is a standard that all US Army personnel are encouraged to live by and it is taught during basic training. [photo: B. Chen]

A total of 25 young men and women took the US Army Oath of Enlistment yesterday during a special swearing-in ceremony held at the SFC Konelio Pele Army Reserve Center in Tafuna.
Families, friends and Army officers from off island were present to witness the event, which was held outdoors in the parking lot area.
SSG Lauie Laban-Ilalio started off by reciting the Soldier’s Creed, followed by a few words of wisdom offered by Capt. Constance Quinlan from the Honolulu MEPS (Military Entrance Procession Station), who administered the Oath of Enlistment.
Capt. Quinlan told the recruits they need to take pride in everything they do. She referred to the old US Army slogan “Be All That You Can Be,” and said the only way soldiers can advance in their military career is by being diligent and taking pride in their work.
She said once a person wears a US military uniform, people tend to look and refer to them as “heroes”.
She told the recruits, “don’t let that get to your head,” and reminded them that throughout their military careers, they will be assigned job duties and responsibilities that are “not going to seem heroic at all.” She emphasized there may be times when they will be charged with guarding the dining hall, washing pots and pans, and even picking up garbage. Nonetheless, “you need to take pride in yourself and do the job the best you can.”
Capt. Quinlan encouraged them to be diligent and reminded that they are not going to breeze through the ranks and get promoted without having to work hard for it.
After the Oath of Enlistment was administered, parents and guardians had to go through an orientation session which provided an overview of what to expect during basic training and what is expected from the recruits from now until the time they fly out for boot camp.
The next test dates for the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB), which is the initial step of recruitment into any branch of the US military, will be Nov. 6, 13, and 20 while the next swearing-in ceremony is scheduled for January 2014.
Pre-screening for the ASVAB takes place everyday at the Army Recruiting Station on the second floor of the Laufou Shopping Center from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Thursday, and 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Friday. The passing score for the ASVAB is 21.
Earlier this year, the local US Army Recruiting Station hit a milestone when it became the only recruiting station in the world to produce a 100% conversion, meaning all 29 recruits who swore-in passed their physical examinations.
The US Army offers 150 job types and the cut off age for enlistment is 34.
More information on how to become Army Strong can be obtained by calling 699-3116 or 258-5040.


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