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A man was admitted into the hospital over the weekend, following a fight in Tafuna.

Mika A’asa was arrested and charged with public peace disturbance, on allegations that he threw a rock at someone’s head, causing injury.

According to the government’s case, the victim is alleged to have assaulted A’asa’s younger brother and this prompted the fight.

In the meantime, the defendant’s family has also filed a complaint with the police about the victim who allegedly assaulted the defendant’s little brother.

The victim was taken to the hospital last Saturday following the fight and underwent an emergency operation. He was later transferred to the Surgical Ward for observation.

The victim suffered a fractured skull on the right side of his head.

The defendant’s bail is set at $20,000 with the conditions that if he makes bail, he’s not to contact direct or indirectly the victim in this matter.

Assistant Attorney General Cable Poag said additional charges will be filed against the defendant.


The government has charged Nimarote Fina’i with first degree assault on allegations that he stabbed another man with a knife last week. This is in addition to the public peace disturbance Fina’i is facing.

First degree assault is a class A felony punishable from 10 to 30 years in jail or life imprisonment.

The defendant made his initial appearance in District Court last week where bail of $25,000 was set.

District Court Judge John Ward scheduled the preliminary examination this Thursday.

According to the government’s case, police received a call that Fina’i had stabbed another man, and when police responded to the call, they were told the defendant had fled the scene.

Court filings state police found the defendant at his residence, where he told police this was the result of an incident that occurred a month ago.

Fina’i admitted to police he stabbed the man once, because the victim and his cousin beat him up at their house.

According to the government’s case the victim sustained a deep laceration on his back, which required ten stitches.

A condition of the defendant’s bail is that he must not contact, directly or indirectly, the victim or his family in this matter. Assistant Public Defender Karen Shelley represents Fina’i while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Cable Poag.


Two fishermen in their 40’s spent the weekend in jail following a fight at the Karaoke bar in Atu’u over the weekend.

The defendants Reuben Bone Jama and Bryan Bayubay are both charged with public peace disturbance.

According to the government’s case, police received a call from a waitress at the Karaoke bar that Jama was lying unconscious in the hallway and blood was coming from his head.

Witnesses told police Bayubay allegedly assaulted Jama, who was making a lot of noise in the club.

It’s alleged that Bayubay punched Jama in the face and Jama fell to the floor injuring the back of his head.

Jama, who is from Ecuador, was taken to the hospital for treatment and six stitches were required to close the cut.

Jama and Bryan made their initial appearance in the District Court on Monday, and were held on bail of $300 each.

Yesterday the government moved to dismiss the charges against Jama. In return, he’s to depart the territory and return to Ecuador.

Jama asked the court if he’s allowed to return to American Samoa and District Court Judge John Ward said that he is allowed back into the territory, but he must abide by the laws of the territory.

He also said that he may not enter the Karaoke bar.

The government’s case against Jama is still pending in the District Court.


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