Local delegation heading to Apia to plan Samoa Summit


Chief Election Officer Tuaolo Vaivao Manaia Fruean will be leading a local delegation set to depart for the independent state of Samoa tomorrow, to represent the territory in planning the agenda for the upcoming Samoa Summit which is tentatively scheduled for next month in Apia.
Other local officials who will accompany Tuaolo are Assistant Attorney General Mitzie Jessop, DOC director Keniseli Lafaele, ASTCA Executive Director Moefaauo Bill Emmsley, and DHR director Sonny Thompson.
Earlier this year in August, Governor Lolo Moliga said that since taking office, his administration has had enough time to assess the status of the government and they are now in a better position to engage in discussions with Samoa’s leaders.
The Governor appointed the local delegation to not only prepare agenda items, but also to finalize a set date for the inter Samoa talks, decide on a venue, and lay out plans that will lead to a successful outcome for both sides.
Samoa News understands that some of the key items on the table for discussion include immigration issues, communications (cable), finding ways to enhance trade between the two Samoas, and locating a site in Apia for the local government to set up its office and vice versa.
In addition, all the issues that were discussed during the most recent Summit will be revisited, as those who represented the territory at the time were from the previous administration.
Lolo said it is prudent that his appointed representatives invest their energies to pinpoint issues with the goal of achieving a positive outcome.
The group will be returning to the territory on Saturday.


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