(Photo: MDSolofa)

American Samoa rugby will be taking a giant step forward next year when it's national squad makes it's very first appearance at the 2014 Hong Kong leg of the IRB World 7's Circuit.

Known as Talavalu, the team overcame two first day losses at this year's Oceania 7's in Suva, Fiji to Samoa and Australia as well as a second day loss to Cook Islands and notching wins against Solomon Islands, Tuvalu and finally Papua New Guinea to earn a berth at the Hong Kong tournament.

They made their first appearance in 2011 at the Oceania 7's in Samoa prior to becoming a full member of the IRB. Congratulations to Samoa who are the 2013 Oceania Sevens Champions after beating Fiji 31-17 in a fast paced and hard fought Final.

Congratulations also to Cook Islands and our Talavalu American Samoa who have both qualified for the 2013/2014 HSBC SWS Hong Kong Series Qualifying Tournament.

(Photo: MDSolofa)
Le alii o Ross Poyer i le taimi na pu'e ai e le sui o le au a Ausetalia i le la ulua'i taaloga i le taamilosaga taitoa 7 a le Oceania sa faia i Fiti i le vaiaso nei, ma manumalo ai Ausetalia i 'ai e 31-0 (ata: Zoomfiji)
Le alii o Pentateuch Vaki #4 ma le alii o Iakopo Atonio ao la taumafai e pu'e i lalo le sui o le au a Ausetalia i le latou taaloga muamua i le ulua'i aso o le taamilosaga a le Oceania sa faia i FIti i le vaiaso nei. [ata: Zoomfiji]


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