Flash Mob at PPG flight night

[courtesy photo]

On Monday, Sept. 30, the last Flight Night of September, Pago Pago International Airport experienced their first Flash Mob! The happy event was held as a final awareness activity for September’s Childhood Obesity Awareness Month.
Flash mobs take advantage of a crowd already assembled, and are always spontaneous and fun. Monday night’s Flash Mob had some 80-100 children and parents participate in a dance in front of the Fale Samoa, using the theme song from First Lady Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign- “Move Your Body”.
The happy dancers were from the villages of Faleniu, Amanave, Alofau, Leone, Petesa & Tafuna, as they danced together with ASCC/CNR staff members under the direction of ASCC/CNR Exercise Physiologist Ursula Teo Martin and her assistant, Fitness Specialist Ryan Taifane.
Ursula Teo-Martin added Samoan moves to the dance, and the young men ended with the Samoan Slap Dance. “Flight Night” was there to record and interview as well. Said Teo-Martin of the event, “This is our initiative for "Let's Move American Samoa.”
The film was produced by Fepulea'i Micah Van der Ryn, ASCC/CNR Health Communications Researcher/Media Production Manager and Tulaga producer of Flight Night with his MC Joe.
ASCC/CNR collaborated with Port Director Taimalelagi Clair Poumele and the Pago Pago Airport management & security team. “Without their approval this would not have taken place so we are very thankful they were open to the idea of the Flash Mob.” She also thanked Flight Night producer Tulaga and his MC along with ASCC/CNR Media department head Micah Van der Ryn, with Daniel Helsham & Tipisone Faalogo, media specialists.

[courtesy photo]


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