Video: Dying Hawaii woman's family says she took diet pills before getting sick

"I'm going to lose my best friend," says Michael Soriano as he holds his toddler. "She's the backbone of this family."

Soriano's wife, Sonette Marras is in a medically induced coma at The Queen's Medical Center. The 48-year old Maui woman is suffering from liver failure.

"She was healthy as a horse," says her son, Ronden Smith-Marras. He says she just wanted to lose weight. So this summer, she started taking OxyElite Pro, a diet supplement. After several weeks, Smith-Marras says his mother got violently ill.

Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL
"Nausea, vomiting, she would eat, then throw up," says Smith-Marras. His mother was flown to O'ahu.

The State Department of Health is investigating dozens of cases of people suffering from liver injuries after taking weight loss supplements. The cases range from acute hepatitis, to severe liver failure. At least one person has had a transplant and several others are on the waiting list.

OxyElite Pro isn't the only supplement that the patients took before getting sick. There is at least one other, but the Department of Health won't reveal the name of that supplement.

And it's unclear if an ingredient in the supplements is to blame or a combination of factors.

Another mystery, why the cases are only in Hawaii. Did Hawaii get a bad batch? These are all questions the health department and the FDA are looking into. The investigation could take weeks, even months and slowing things down, the government shutdown. The FDA is experiencing delays because of it.


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