Tuilaepa points out StarKist's regional impact

Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Lupesoliai Sailele Malielegaoi [photo: TG]

Samoa Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi says good work ethics; honesty and commitment to pursue excellence in performance will always yield good results and high return on investments.
Tuilaepa made the comments Saturday during his speech before a crowd of more than 3,000 people at the Veterans Memorial Stadium where StarKist Samoa celebrated its 50th anniversary in the territory. Tuilaepa was invited by StarKist as one of their guests and this was of course important for the company since the majority of its workforce is from Samoa.
In his remarks Tuilaepa expressed his sincere gratitude for the invitation to represent the people and government of Samoa, “offering our hearty congratulations and best wishes” to StarKist in having attained 50 years of operation not just in American Samoa but also in the Pacific region.
“Today we gather to salute the feat of a journey spanning 50 years for StarKist which is now the largest single producing cannery in the world. This is indeed cause for celebration,” he said.
“Since we are all very mindful of the fact that like other business ventures, that have been in operation over long periods of time, the road to glory has not always been smooth sailing nor without setbacks and challenges,” he observed.
“We are currently experiencing times of economic instability and uncertainty in the world,” he said. “Thus in my view for any company such as StarKist Samoa to be and remain successful, it is important that profitability, through high productivity, be achieved.”
“Good work ethics, honesty, consistency and commitment to diligently pursue excellence in performance will always... yield good results and high return on investments,” he said.
The Prime Minister went on to point out that high labor costs, causes the departure of many companies from a country. And such was the case that led StarKist in 1985 to close down its plant at Terminal Island, Calif.
Similar to StarKist Samoa, said Tuilaepa, Yasaki Samoa has been in operations in Apia for a number of years now, and it employs hundreds and hundreds of workers, with the majority being in the low-income bracket.
“The future of these companies is never certain, nor guaranteed,” he said, however, these companies rely on productivity.
Therefore, “employees at all levels and management must and need to work cooperatively together to raise the level of performance in order to guarantee a certain future for them and their families and by extension their countries,” he said.
More details from Tuilaepa’s remarks in tomorrow’s edition.


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