Tahiti claims most victories in ITF East Pacific Championship games

American Samoa Doubles Team Maukoloa and Magalasin still shine
Some American Samoa team members on left side of photo from the opening ceremony. [photo: Samoa Observer]

Day Four of the International Tennis Federation (ITF) East Pacific Regional Championships 2013 in Apia, Samoa has Tahiti claiming overall team victories in the Boys and Girls 12 & Under Divisions, Boys 15 & Under Divisions and Boys 18 & Under Divisions.
The top players from this tournament will be picked to play in the Pacific Oceania Junior Championships (POJC) next week in Lautoka, Fiji from August 12-16. Next week’s POJC will have a team of top junior tennis players from the West Pacific, North Pacific and East Pacific regions competing against one another while representing their regions.
“The Tahiti Team looked really strong with all of their players in the semi-finals and finals. The tennis was intense with many close and competitive matches in the glorious Samoan weather,” said ITF Development Officer for the Pacific Oceania Region Gene Ridgway to Samoa News via email.
On Day Four of the final day of pool play, the American Samoa 15 & Under Girls Charity Saigaio played Lyla Tapusoa from Samoa for the third qualification place at the POJC with the finalist already qualified. The American Samoan Saigaio was able to defeat Tapusoa 6-2 6-4.
One of the strongest players for American Samoa, Kevin Maukoloa who competes in the Boys 15 & Under Division, defeated Michael Emery of Tahiti on Day 3.
On Day 4-the finals, Maukoloa was walking onto the courts with a win streak of five straight singles matches in the tournament. His opponent, Christopher Shan of Tahiti, also walked onto the courts with the same amount of singles matches and victories.
However, at the end of this match, it was the Tahitian Shan, who walked away with the victory on the final day of pool play.
American Samoa Doubles Team of Maukoloa and Magalasin proved that they were the best Boys 15 & Under team this year as they dominated the field taking 1st overall in their division. Brian Mose (boys 12 & under) finished in the 2nd spot (position 9-16) after getting off to a slow start in the tournament.
Here is how the American Samoa junior players fared during the tournament:
Boys 12 & Under Singles:
Joseph Duchnak (Pos. 1-8) did not make the top 4
John Quinn Lim (Pos. 1-8) did not make the top 4
Brian Mose (Pos. 9-16) finished 2nd.
Boys 12 & Under Doubles:
Joseph Duchnak/John Quinn Lim 4th in field of 7
Girls 12 & Under Singles:
Lesei Perelini (Pos. 1-4) 3rd.
Crystal Christmen (Pos. 5-8) 3rd.
Girls 12 & Under Doubles:
Crystal Christmen/Lesei Perelini 2nd.
Boys 15 & Under Singles:
Kevin Maukoloa (Pos. 1-8) 2nd.
Larry Magalasin (Pos. 1-8) did not make the top 4
Juma Vigas (Pos. 1-8) did not make the top 4
Clarence Herdrich (Pos. 9-16) 2nd.
Boys 15 & Under Doubles:
Larry Magalasin/Kevin Maukoloa 1st.
Clarence Herdrich/Juma Viags 4th.
Girls 15 & Under Singles:
Charity Saigiao (Pos. 1-4) 3rd.
Dora Perelini (Pos. 5-8) 3rd.
Tyra Uhrle (Pos. 5-8) 4th.
Girls 15 & Under Doubles:
Dora Perelini/Charity Saigiao 3rd.
Boys 18 & Under Doubles:
Theodore Herdrich/Deon Passi 3rd.
Keep reading Samoa News to find out which American Samoan players will be chosen for the East Pacific Team competing in the POJC next week.


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