Dear Editor,
I don't know what everyone thinks, but I think since we only have one main road we should open it up. I mean we have double solid yellow lines both ways everywhere except in front of Aveina.
Even at bends and stretches where we can see a mile ahead that it is clear to pass the honeymooning vehicle in the front, we can't because we may get ticketed by the police showing off their small expensive toys at most places — even if your speed is 26 mph.
If the turtle car in front of you is going 25 mph, what do you think your speed is? and the third car and the tenth car in the line? With too many cars on the road at every hour, we should set a minimum speed now and raise our speed limit to 30 mph at some places and 35 mph at open areas.
About 80% of our roads are in poor shape; it contributes to long lines of traffic and frustration and tardiness. Nothing is more frustrating than following the person going to the market, the drink coffee and 'ai panikeke driver, the on the phone driver and the unemployed driver who does not care what time it is. We should start ticketing all these kind of drivers.
Believe me it is going to get worse and it will lead to road rage. Our traffic problem will be a huge headache to the government and to all of us. What do you think?
Justin Tuisamoa
(Editor’s Note: I think the speed limit should be raised by 5 mph on the 20 and 25 mph areas. And I think talking or texting on a mobil phone should be outlawed while driving. However, it is also true we have one road — which for the large part has spectacular ocean and mountain views. Coupled with weather that sings our island-home’s moods — I just can’t see not enjoying ‘the ride’ … ra)


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