Despite the Stallions numbers, Kanana Fou High School will not back down from the challenge, as they are now under the reign of new Head Coach Time Tagomailelagi. Samoa News starts it pre-season huddle coverage of the 2012- 13 ASHSAA football season, brought to you by Coca-Cola and Powerade, distributed exclusively by GHC Reid & Co. Ltd. ‘Oloa O Leala’, Your Family of Fine Beverages. [photo: TG]

Samoa News “Pre-Season Huddles” would like to assure everyone and the rumors going around island about Kanana Fou NOT having a team, “seek before you speak”, because the Stallions are back and rolling under the reign of new Head Coach Time Tagomailelagi, who is taking over the Stallions in their third year of operation.

The past two years of management was under former head coach Fa’afouina Sitagata.

This year, Kanana Fou is looking to bring a greater threat, a different scheme, and a different look to the challenge with a new Head Coach taking the wheel for this almost deserted team.

‘Saved by coach Time’ is the only way to describe what’s put the Stallions back on the playing field.

“I’m just thankful for the opportunity, I thank God for the blessings and for me being here in the first place, but to comment on the status of where we’re at now — it’s kind of late in the game.”

He said, “this is our third to fourth day of practice, and we’ve got three more weeks to start the season. They hired me on the coaching staff, and it’s hard to get our kids who are practicing with other schools during the whole summer so we have only twenty kids here today, but I am hoping that we get twenty five, and we’ll go twenty five throughout the season.”

Tagomailelagi explained to Samoa News some of the changes he has been able to make in this new Stallions team during this very short amount of preparation time.

“I haven’t coached for four years so I don’t know what they did last year, but I would comment on what we’ll do this year… we’ll bring discipline, hard work, and just put God first and just working hard, what we practice here, is what we do off the field, and that’s at the stadium...we’ll continue to work hard every day and we should come out victorious with the small number of kids that we have this year.”

Aside from winning championships, Head Coach Tagomailelagi has a different strategy of focus for Kanana Fou this year.

“Every year we look for championships, but, this year is kind of hard to predict, we’re just going to go out there this year and compete the best we can, and build on for the future of this program — but this year we’re just going to go out there and play our hardest.”

He added, “we’ll work hard, and whatever… comes, it is what it is, but we’re really building for the future, the future of this program and the future of this school.”

Tagomailelagi mentioned to Samoa News that a majority of his team are underclassmen, which puts them in a fortunate position for the years to come.

“We’ve got some good upperclassmen but the majority are underclassmen…  we’re going to come out and compete, everybody’s at that same level regardless of what age or level they’re in and try to compete in this year’s opening season on August 23 against the Wildcats.”

The Stallions, who will be rolling onto the field this year with the least number of players, want to thank all of those who have supported them throughout their late pre-season preparations.

“I just want to thank Kanana Fou for giving me the opportunity to do what I do best, and it’s been a while since I have been coaching so I just want to thank Kanana Fou principal Reupena for having faith in me. I know they put me in a spot that’s really difficult, but hey, I love the challenge, and we’ll continue to work hard and play every day and hopefully we’ll have the best in the future.”


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