Truly, absolutely “fobulous” is verdict on Laughing Samoans new show

The ‘Laughing Samoans’ newest show, called “Fobulous,” has been described by fans who laughed ecstatically to it last Saturday as the “best ever.”

Even Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi couldn't resist.

With all the political and social challenges in Samoa today, Tuilaepa joined the sold out crowd at the EFKS Hall for an evening of “fobulous” entertainment and laughter.

“It was nerve racking at first to see the Prime Minister in the front row,” admits comedian Tofiga Fepulea’i. “But in the end, we enjoyed ourselves and everyone enjoyed it. It’s always great to come to Samoa to put on a show for our people.”

And a show it was. Tofiga and his comedian partner, Eteuati Ete provided the crowd with an evening to remember and plenty to think about with their witty and typically-Samoan

“My favourite part is always Aunty Tala,” Lua Lila said. “She typifies a proud Samoan who doesn't want to come second to anyone.

She thinks the world of herself and it’s just hilarious.”

Another fan of the Laughing Samoans, Ioane Levao says the pairing of Tofiga and Ete gets better with every show.

“I take my hat off to them,” he said. “It must be getting hard to generate new material after all these years but watching their show on Saturday, it’s seems to be getting better.”

Fobulous included new characters “Gus” and “Karl.” And they did not disappoint. “Gus is the typical Samoan guy who tells so many long stories but they end up being lies,” says

For Michael Hickey, of MH Events, Saturday’s success shows there is great potential to market family-based entertainment for Samoa.

“Seeing entire families come down for an evening of entertainment was fantastic,” says Mr. Hickey. “At MH Events, we want to promote events that unite families - the parents and children. The Laughing Samoans fit the bill.”

After years of bringing the Laughing Samoans to Samoa, Mr. Hickey agrees that Fobulous is Tofiga and Ete’s best work yet.


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