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A 22-year old man who is accused of forcing an 11-year old boy to perform oral sex is scheduled to be arraigned in High Court today.

Juby Kolio, also known as “Junior” is being held in police custody on a “No Bail” status. Kolio was schedule to have his preliminary examination in the District Court on Friday, however the defendant waived his rights to that hearing.

Kolio is charged with child molestation, sodomy with a child, endangering the welfare of a child and third degree assault. Child molestation is a class A felony which is punishable by up to ten years in jail.

The sodomy count is a class B felony which carries a jail term from five to 15 years, while endangering the welfare of a child and third degree assault are both class A misdemeanors punishable by imprisonment of up to one year, a fine of up to $1,000 or both.

According to the government’s case the Child Protective Services with the Department of Human and Social Services contacted police about a possible sexual case involving a minor.

Detectives with the Criminal Investigation Division investigated the matter and met with the victim and his father.

Police also questioned the defendant about the incident and Kolio admitted that he forced the victim to perform oral sex on him (Kolio) twice. The defendant is represented by Assistant Public Defender Mike White, while prosecuting this matter is Assistant Attorney General Camille Philippe.


A 20-year old man facing multiple criminal charges on allegations that he robbed a store and assaulted the store clerk in the process has received a plea offer from the government.

Dean Niu of Mapusaga Fou is charged with robbery first degree, burglary first degree, assault third degree, resisting arrest, misdemeanor stealing, property damage third degree and underage drinking.

However, details of the plea agreement between Niu and the government have yet to be revealed until they are read in open court. This matter will be heard before Associate Justice Lyle L Richmond today.

According to the police affidavit, Niu was trying to buy beer after hours, however, the victim refused given that it’s illegal to sell alcohol after 10 p.m.

The government alleges that despite the storekeeper/ victim refusing the defendant, he insisted the victim sell him and his companion beer. The victim then chased the defendant and another man out of the store.

According to the government, a few minutes later the victim noticed the defendant appearing on video surveillance camera, passing a case of beer to another male.

Police affidavit says, the victim ran after the defendant and found out the back room of the store had been broken into, and the defendant then punched him in the face and took off on foot.

Police apprehended the defendant, but while the police officer was attempting to hand cuff him, the defendant allegedly punched the officer in the face, continuing to resist arrest, according to the affidavit.

The defendant is represented by Assistant Public Defender Leslie Cardin, while prosecuting is Assistant Attorney General Kimberly Hyde.


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