Fobulous pair brings new Laughing Samoans show to Apia

Qualified as a journalist Eteuati Ete didn’t last in the job long.

Journalism demanded facts be adhered to but Ete wanted to make up stories.

Which he’s done now for decades writing comical sketches that have stretched the bellies and hurt the cheeks of Samoans all over the world from laughter, in partnership with Tofiga Fepulea’i the other half of their comedy group the Laughing Samoans.

Saturday night, July 6 (which is tonight in Apia) Ete and Fepulea’i unveil their new show Fobulous at EFKS Youth Hall in Sogi.

They take slices of life in New Zealand as experienced by immigrant Samoans and depict the funny side of their efforts to adapt to a new culture and a new language.

It makes for funny incidents which Samoans joke about privately in families and between friends which Laughing Samoans produce on stage with refinements created by veteran comedians.

When a New Zealand-raised Samoan kid sees or hear another do or say something silly, the rebuke is, “You FOB!”

As in Fresh Off The Boat, like a new arrival from Samoa.

The label must have arisen when most immigrants arrived by ship.

Nowadays it’ll be more accurate to say Fresh Off The Plane.

Ete, who left Samoa for New Zealand age 12, said he’s a FOB who is fabulous, thus the title of their new show Fobulous.

“It’s people who are fresh off the boat being fabulous,” he said.

“He (Fepulea’i) is fobulous by birth and I am fobulous by nature.”

Fepulea’i is New Zealand-born, specifically in Wellington, where both grew up.


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