New developments in NHHC partner’s fed case


Federal prosecutors have identified three possible victims or those who already are victims of an alleged scheme involving Quin Ngoc Rudin, aka Dean Rubin, aka David Rubin, who is one of the partners of the Native Hawaiian Holding Company, which is currently in a dispute with the local government over funds awarded to the organization under the National Emergency Grant program.
Documents filed by prosecutors at the federal court in San Francisco state that possible victims are Cisco Systems Inc. and its subsidiary Cisco Systems Capital Corporation and Altura Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Revealing victim’s names are required under federal law, when it comes to cases involving fraud.
A federal indictment alleges that Rudin defrauded the three companies, through his own company called CGC Digital. Rudin, who entered a not guilty plea, is charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft.
Earlier this week both the government and defense filed a joint motion to continue to August the status conference hearing for the defendant, which had been set for last Friday, June 28.
“The parties request this continuance because there are ongoing discussions about the appropriate resolution of the matter and the defense is continuing to review the voluminous discovery that the government provided and to conduct necessary investigation,” the motion states.
The motion has since been granted by the court, which has rescheduled the status conference hearing for Aug. 16. Available court records do not show whether the defendant remains in custody or is out on bond.


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