26 Samoans sworn in as New Zealand citizens

Twenty-Six Samoans became citizens of New Zealand on 11 June in a ceremony at the New Zealand High Commission in Apia.

New Zealand High Commissioner Jackie Frizelle handed each applicant a certificate of citizenship after they had each sworn allegiance to the Queen of New Zealand.

In addressing the group of applicants, their families and friends, the High Commissioner underlined the importance of the obligations and privileges that come with New Zealand citizenship, while also emphasizing that New Zealand is a country with diverse cultures.

“Your new bonds to New Zealand will never diminish the importance of your heritage, your culture and your traditions. Like a weaving of many colours, this diversity strengthens and enriches the fabric of New Zealand society, both now and in the future,” said Ms Frizelle.

Recalling the pride her own parents felt attending their New Zealand citizenship ceremony Ms Frizelle highlighted the “proud traditions and shared values” of New Zealand.


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