Three from Samoa charged with PPD at local karaoke bar


Three crewmembers of a Samoa government owned shipping vessel were arrested and charged last week in American Samoa with misdemeanor public peace disturbance.
The defendants - Iosua Tusega, Malosi Sameli and Siu Lotoa - are crewmembers of the Samoa Express vessel, which arrived in Pago Pago two weeks ago for repairs at the American Samoa government owned Ronald Reagan Marine Railways shipyard.
Charges against the trio stems from an incident that occurred last Wednesday evening at a karaoke bar located at Satala village. The crewmembers after their court appearance last Thursday morning have been released without bail to custody of the local agent, Polynesia Shipping.
However, they have been ordered by the High Court to stay away from the karaoke bar and to stay on board the Samoa Express vessel until their case in heard again next week. The crewmembers were also ordered not to commit any other types of crimes while on American Samoa soil.
If convicted of the misdemeanor charge, each crewmember faces six months in prison, a fine of $500 or both.
(Original Samoan version of this story was published in Saturday’s edition.)


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