The boys in blue singing their hearts out for the last time at the Home of the Sharks during their graduation ceremony held yesterday morning, as they bid farewell to Samoana High School. There were 216 Seniors — girls and boys — that graduated yesterday to the theme of “The Secret to getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain”. SHS graduation was ‘short and sweet’ in keeping with the ASDOE’s decision to have public school graduations stay within the 2-hour mark. [photo: TG]

Samoana High School held their Commencement Ceremony yesterday morning with 216 graduating Seniors acknowledged and accepted by the Director of the AS Department of Education Vaitinasa Dr. Salu Hunkin-Finau. Their graduation theme was: “The Secret to getting ahead is getting started – Mark Twain”.
The Masters of Ceremonies was Samoana High School’s Principal Elia Savali who introduced the commencement ceremony’s keynote speaker, Governor Lolo Matalasi Moliga, who encouraged the graduates to start working on their long term goals, so that they can be ahead of the expectations of life and the challenges it brings.
In keeping with this year’s ASDOE decision, to keep the graduation event ‘short and sweet’, no speeches from the top students of Samoana High's Class of 2013 were made during the commencement ceremony. Instead, they were presented by Vice Principal Talosia Upuresa, who introduced the two Co-Valedictorians — Lapaloma Candelas Roby and Mariana Rose Kahokuku’ikawaokealoha Pato — and the Salutatorian, Kacey Nicole Iloilo.
(The co-Valedictorians have each put together a short biography with a thank you to their family, mentors and friends who have helped them along the way achieve their outstanding performances. Samoa News has published them in this special graduation page, brought to you by Coca-Cola and Powerade, distributed exclusively by GHC Reid & Co. Ltd. ‘Oloa O Leala’, Your Family of Fine Beverages.
Fiaui Ta’ase took the Citizenship Award as selected by the PTA.
The Female Scholar Athlete Award was given to Lilly Tauala, who is a former American Samoa All Star Volleyball Player in her Junior and Senior years, while the Male Scholar Athlete Award went to former American Samoa All Star Football Player Aurthur Husseini.
The Female Athlete Award went to Yandell Liu and the Male Athlete Award was given to another former All Star Player for American Samoa who played in the World Games in Texas — Ietitaia Manu of Vatia.
Accepted to Chaminade University with a Presidential Scholarship of $6,500.00 was Dominic Shimasaki, followed by Grace Paau, Jane Lang and Koreti Alopopo. Accepted to Chaminade University through the Regents Scholarship of $8,000.00 was Fa’afouina Fruean, Salutatorian Kacey Iloilo, and Mamapo Petaia. Accepted to Chaminade University through the Leadership Grant of $5,000.00 was Helen Aufa’i.
Accepted to the University of Hawaii, Manoa was class Co-Valedictorian Roby, Co-Valedictorian Pato, and Ronnie Mase who will be on a ROTC Scholarship. Accepted to the University of Hawaii, Hilo was Suluama Fa’aiuaso.
The only selected student to attend the Norwich Military Institute was Kimberly Godinet. Dixie State College of Utah accepted Lannietta Popoali’i; and Britanica Sene has been accepted to the University of St. John with an Academic Achievement Award of $12,000.00. Accepted to the University of St. Mary was Charlene Fautanu, who will be aided with a Honor Scholarship of $9,000.00.
Accepted to Remington College were graduates Marilyn Sini, Elizabeth Lefaoseu, Pelesa Ripine, Tepora Moemoe, Adriana Poyer, Ashley Bishop, Fa’auma Danielson, and Ruby Fia. Going to Wentworth Military Academy and College are Milton Ah Sam, Su’e Fu’afu’a, Tauaveave Va’a. and Anthony Steffany.
Attending Webster College will be Fanny Sealii, as New Mexico Military Institute will be waiting for the former volleyball star, Lilly Tauala. Accepted to Highline Community College was David Martinez and Tyler Junior College will await the arrival of Yandell Liu.
Field House 100 Football Scholarships went to Samoana football players who were part of the American Samoa All Star Football Team, players like Fa’au Levi who will be attending Arizona Western College; Aurthur Husseini and Ieti Manu, who will both be attending New Mexico Military Institute; Buddy Tuamasaga, who will be attending Tyler College; and, Jamie Tago, who has been accepted by the University of Hawaii- Manoa campus.
Sworn into the Army were Samoana graduates, Clarence Pila, Devine Samatua, Fetu’utolu Tolu, George Fang, Lapaloma Ruby, Saifuiono Posala, and Yuseff Carter.
Winning the Rotary Clubs 4-Way Test Award was Fiaui Angelo Ta’ase. The Florence and Saulo Associates Community Scholarship was awarded to Salutatorian Kacey Iloilo, and the Pene Foundation Award was awarded to Grace Paau.
(Beginning this year, with no Valedictorian speeches to be presented during public high school commencement ceremonies, Samoa News offered to publish their messages or upload a video clip of their messages to celebrate their outstanding achievements.)
The following was offered by Samoana High School Co-Valedictorians: Mill Lapaloma Candelas Roby and Mariana Rose Kahokuku’ikawaokealoha Pato for publication.
Biography –– Roby is the second of four children and is currently residing in the village of Tafuna with her family. She attended the Holy Trinity in Fatu-O-Aiga and Alofau Elementary School for preschool. She attended Samoa Baptist Academy for all nine years of both elementary and middle school. She graduated from her class at Samoa Baptist Academy as Valedictorian, and she would like to pay her respects and gratitude to Pastor Elise and Lucy Taufao for her education in Samoa Baptist that helped build a solid foundation for her to continue academically.
Roby came into the gates of Samoana High School and never looked back, and she has represented Samoana High School in the Math Competition, National History Day, and the Speech Festival for both her Junior and Senior year at Samoana. Throughout her years at Samoana, she earned the Superior Cadet Award for JROTC as well as Academic Excellence in English, History, and Math. She was part of the Student Government Association as a Class Officer her Junior year, and has been a member of the National Honor Society since her sophomore year.
She has already been sworn into the Army and is a proud member of the 411th FSC Unit at our own Army Reserves. She has joined the Army in honor of her late father who was part of our country’s military force. She will be furthering her education at the University of Hawaii – Manoa campus, and hopes to earn a doctorate degree to come back and better serve our community.
She would like to thank her brothers and sisters for their unconditional love and support. She extends her  gratitude to those members of her family who, unfortunately aren’t on island as well as those all the way from Onenoa, Sailele, Auto, Leloaloa, Fagasa, Se’etaga, and Amanave.
She was born in American Samoa, and she is the proud daughter of the late Dr. Kasyan Roby and Dr. Faiese Taase Roby, and she would like to dedicate this honor to her mother Faiese Roby for her undying love and support. “You are my inspiration and motivation, it is by your love that I am able to achieve so much, I love you mom.”
Biography –– Pato was born in Chalon Kanoa Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands (CNMI) on April 26, 1995. Her parents are Ameko Pato from the village of Faga’alu and Rosevonne Makaiwi Pato of Fagatogo. She resides in the village of Fagatogo with her grandmother Gretchen Luava’asi’itia Scanlan Makaiwi.
She attended Samoa Baptist Academy from K-5 through 8th grade. She attributes much of her educational foundation to the rigorous curriculum of her elementary school and the dedicated teachers and counselors of Samoana High School.
Pato is a member of the National Honor Society. She holds the position of Cadet Captain in the 1st Battalion S-1 JROTC.
She received a Junior Statesman Associate Scholarship in her Junior Year to attend Stanford University and participated in the Close-Up Foundation Summer Program in the summer of 2012. She is an active member of the St. Joseph’s Catholic International Parish Youth of Fagatogo. She will be attending the University of Hawaii - Manoa majoring in English. Her experience at Stanford University, taking a course in Constitutional Law, set her future goal to become a policy writer with an emphasis in governance and law.
National Honor Society ^
Valedictorian ***++
Salutatorian ***+
Modified Diploma =
1. Afano Lafaele Velova’a
2. Aigasalemalama Katieanndolynn Tauinaola
3. Ailafo Peti Mafuli
4. Alailepuleoletautualelei S. Lualemana
5. Albert Salilo Fano Jr.
6. Alex Randy Atonio
7. Alisi Leone
8. Amataga Kassie Tautua
9. Amylynn Ferila Tavu’i
10. Andre Moevasa Uele
11. Angelina Rosie Fanto
12. Anna-Marie Anuilagi Toilolo
13. Anthony Solova’a Mageo
14. Anthony Faiesea Mativa
15. Anthony Dale McCuddin
16. Anthony Vaiuta Steffany
17. Apela Paul-Jett Solofa
18. Army Moli Liaina
19. Arthur Armstrong Toloula Husseini
20. Ateca Fa’auliuli Ripley
21. Audrey Leosiaiga Leifi
22. Aumai Nesse Fetuao
23. Ben Seisi Brown
24. Bernadette Punialava’atunufa’i Jr. Potasi
25. Brian Tupua
26. Britanica Tino Sene ^
27. Buddy Pete Tuamasaga
28. Carlton Va’atofu Fiatoa
29. Cecilia Zoe Aloma Voight
30. Celester Patolo Mageo
31. Charlene Amia Fatanu
32. Chloe Fa’asina Pila
33. Christian Tautalaitaua Tarrant
34. Christine Unutoa
35. Christopher Otto Kalati
36. Clarence Wayne Pila
36. Daisy Lisi Tupa’i
37. Dale Ronald Fagota
38. David Luis Martinez
39. Dean Filisi Su’esu’e =
40. Deidre Teparona Tusani
41. Deon Kelemete Maluali’i
42. Denise Melanie Su’esu’e (Off Island)
43. Devine-Love Kawohikukapulani Samatua
44. Dexter Titipa Ali’ilua
45. Dominic Karl Dennis Shimasaki Jr. ^
46. Douglas Valuvalu Sene
47. Dwight Taulolomi Seumanutafa
48. Eliepa Cassiopea Dolores Tuala
49. Elizabeth Jackie Afu Lefaoseu
50. Elizabeth Kuini Faatili
51. Eris Tiara Amuiaefaamalosi Esau
52. Erizo Tiare Fiafiaefaamalosi Esau
53. Fa’afouina Leaeno Fruean ^
54. Fa’anunu Tafu Paulo
55. Fa’asaveve Radiant Filiga
56. Fa’au Dominique Levi
57. Fa’auma Shayna Danielson ^
58. Fa’avale Muipu
59. Fagava’a Alema Sea
60. Fanny Fou Seali’i ^
61. Fatumaleeleele Tunufa’i
62. Fatutoa Levi
63. Fei Fakaua
64. Fele Sili’a Gasetoto
65. Fereti Lepolo
66. Fetu’utolu Tolu
67. Fiapa’ipa’i Masaniai
68. Fiaui Angelo Ta’ase
69. Filisi Edgar Filisi
70. Florita Nonoi Ah Siu
71. Frances Feiloaina
72. Frank William Passi
73. Fred Iva Pene Asiata
74. Fuarosa Adriana Poyer ^
75. Fululele Duke Neria Apo
76. George Fang
77. Gloria Fio
78. Grace Saunia Pa’au ^
79. Gwendolyn Tupe Unutoa
80. Helen Sagafili Aufai
81. Helen Fialaui’a Fata
82. Henry Iosefo Jr.
83. Ida Fa’alogoifo Jameson
84. Ietitaia Bismark Manu
85. Ioelu Fealofani Tito Malofie
86. Irene Rose Tuimaualuga
87. Isaako David Mauga
88. Iupeli Junior Fa’atau
89. James Ta’a Chong
90. James Puletiuatoa
91. Jamie Raymond Tago
92. Jane Tagaloa Lang
93. Joan Sani
94. Joe Jr. Topelei Fiame
95. John Raymond Naiuli
96. Johnson Malone Ta’ase
97. Joseph Rocky Taue’etia
98. Junior Aloese Lene
99. Kacey Nicole Iloilo ***+ ^
100. Kahalua Junior Pola
101. Katerrina Lynn Lama Taula’i
102. Khadaeshia I’aulualo
103. Kimberly Jasmyn Godinet ^
104. Konelio Samu
105. Koreti Si’ufaga Alopopo ^
106. La’avale Mariko
107. Lagrimusfern Crisandeecharldudea Te’o
108. Lannietta Vaitinasa Laga Popoali’i
109. Lanuola Fa’amao Sefo
110. Lapaloma Candelas Roby ***++ ^
111. Laura Donna Brown
112. Laura Uatea Saifoloi
113. Leaisa Mayrena Neemia
114. Lelaki Skinner Faia
115. Lilly Rosa Tauala ^
116. Litea Melanie Jadeen Tuaolo
117. Lokeni Tausilinu’u
118. Lorenza Rotacianne Lotulelei
119. Luce-Shalom Puipui Viena
120. Lafaele Lui
121. Mac Jr. Te’o
122. Magilda Maria Fa’amaoni
123. Mamapo Anniversary T. Petaia ^
124. Mariana Rose Pato ***++ ^
125. Marilyn Leata Sini
126. Martin Simote Folau
127. Maureen Saupo
128. Max Fialoa Lesu
129. Max Levi
130. May Tusitala Misiluti
131. Meaalofatauaosiafono Faiai
132. Mele Shayla Luamanu
133. Meletautala Tautua’a
134. Melinda Augapa’u Tome
135. Melvin Ve’e
136. Milton Ni’o Ah Sam
137. Misi Namulaulu Fa’amoana
138. Mui Sitanilei
139. Naite Aperaamo Mulitalo
140. Niue Ketarona Ioakimo
141. Nu’u Jason Sio
142. Olaivavega Tupailelei
143. Olataga Edward Risatisone Leifi
144. Opele Christopher Niupulusu
145. Paige Talaia S. Mata
146. Panisia Paoese Luteru
147. Paselio Joe Paselio Jr. Paselio
148. Patrick Latupou Mauga
149. Pelesa Christopher Ripine
150. Peneueta Vaise
151. Peniamina Vaveao Isaako
152. Pio Punefu
153. Poe Tiege Mauga
154. Pouafe Ulutaumamao Semaia
155. Queen-Grace Christina Tiumalu
156. Raphael Ioane Tilo
157. Ray Chan Kuo
158. Ricardo Randy Lomu
159. Robert Wayne Aiono
160. Robert Lui Fou
161. Robert Kava O’Connor Marquez
162. Rocky Wod Paea Leha
163. Ronnie Rico Mase ^
164. Rore-Tina Suluama Ia Ale
165. Roselyn Noel Te’i
166. Ruby Salome Fia
167. Saifuiono Kayleen Posala
168. Sala Mali’o
169. Salafa’ani’usila Fairholt
170. Sam Lemani Jr.
171. Sandy Sinala’ititi Te’o
172. Seini Faitele Pau’uvale
173. Shalom Malo Umaga
174. Sherry Tan ^
175. Siafiafi Lily Tupa’i
176. Silotoa Simi
177. Sina Samuelu
178. Siose Vaoita Togafau
179. Si’u Tamate Pomate
180. Siuli Caroline Uiagalelei
181. Sonny Notoa Kaleopa
182. Su’e Fu’afu’a
183. Su’euga Pelosi Royce Falaniko
184. Suluama Michaela Fa’ai’uaso ^
185. Sumalie Ki
186. Suria Caronlina Tanielu
187. Tafatafa Thomas Sataua
188. Tagiilima Sefo Jr.
189. Taimiti A. Tasimani
190. Talavou Fegauia’i
191. Tasele Ivapene Vili Asiata
192. Tauaveave Anita Va’a
193. Taulima Alefosio Fa’amita
194. Tepora Jane Tilo
195. Tepora Moemoe
196. Terra-Lee Seiuli
197. Tialino Lio Jr.
198. Toalei Mama Simanu
199. Tofa Moealo Loia
200. Tofai Sua
201. Togalei Ashley Bishop
202. Togipau Papatisoga Edwards
203. Tokoita Vaieli
204. Tommi Sio Jones
205. Tonga Nofohelotu Tuakiapimahu
206. Tony Wesley Aiono
207. Tooa Kalameli Mata’utia
208. Tovia Felise
209. Tristan Mathew Ae
210. Tuata Misela Faifaiumu
211. Tuileto’a Tauivimatiga Henry
212. Tuvaelagi Siatataleafiafiotuimanu’a Sea
213. Vai Yogi Nove
214. Vincent Ivanhoe Taiivao
215. Yandell Faleupolu Liu
216. Yuseff Fibber Carter

The three top students for Samoana High School’s Class of 2013, (from left to right) the two Co-Valedictorians, Lapaloma Candelas Roby and Mariana Rose Kahokuku’ikawaokealoha Pato — and Salutatorian, Kacey Nicole Iloilo. [photo: TG]


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