UPDATE: 2012 Summer Olympics — American Samoa

Ching-maou Wei, who swam in the Men’s 50 meter Freestyle with a time of 27.64 seconds on Tuesday, placed 3rd in a field of eight in his heat. [courtesy photo]

The chances of American Samoa winning a gold are next to none, but our sister island of Samoa has more than a chance with their world class weight lifter Ele Opeloge, who lifts in the women’s 75kg class. She has yet to compete.

In the latest recap, American Samoa’s Anthony Liu competed in Judo late last night against Jevgenijs of Latvia, read report below from Matt Bowcott of The Reporters' Academy. 

Elama Fa’atonu, the 18-year old Samoana High School graduate, will be running in men’s 100 meter preliminaries this coming Saturday, while eighteen-year old American Samoa 96kg men’s Freestyle Wrestler, Nathaniel Tuamoheloa will not be going to the mat for competition until Saturday August 11.


Toafitu Perive (Male-Weightlifting 77kg) finished 11th in the 112kg Snatch/167 Clean & Jerk= 289kg. No other athlete from Team Samoa competed last night.


The Excel centre in East London played host to the Judo competition. Anthony Liu, American Samoa's judoka, was ready to take to the tatami ‘mat’ to compete for his country in the Men’s -100kg at the Olympic Games.

Drawn against Jevgenijs Borodavko of Latvia who is ranked 15th in the world, Anthony had a battle on his hands. As the athletes walked out to the arena floor for the start of the match, the audience got behind each athlete, willing them to do well. The crowds were roaring, keen for the players to start, the referee got the match underway by shouting Hajime ‘begin’, as the match began Jevgenijs performed Ippon, this is the highest score and move a Judoka can achieve meaning the match was stopped and Anthony was out of the competition.

Anthony spoke afterwards about what he can take away from the match, ‘I have tried my best today and I have no regrets. I know some of my techniques went wrong today and I know what I need to focus on for the future, this was a great learning experience for me.’

Even though Anthony is out of the competition, the whole process has been an invaluable learning experience, which he is to use as a stepping stone to future games. ‘I have loved being here, and I can take everything I have learnt here and improve even more and look ahead to Rio.’


Team American Samoa took to the pool for a second day, male 50m Freestyler Ching Maou Wei stepped up, in an effort to make his impact on the Aquatics Centre.

Ching was drawn in lane 3, heat 2, he had been eager to get into his competition for days. As soon as Ching hit the water his Olympic dream began. Ching touched home in a time of 27.30, a new personal best for the American Samoan swimmer.

Ching finished 3rd in his heat and 51st overall and takes a new personal best away from his first Olympics.

After the race Ching said “I got a new personal best which is great, but I think I can go a lot faster than I did today.” (photos attached)

Matt Bowcott of  The Reporters' Academy contributed to this report.


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