Samoa Air adds Fagali’i—Pago Pago service


Apia based Samoa Air commenced this week daily flights between Fagali’i Airport on Upolu island in Samoa and Pago Pago International Airport, with a full flight.
Flights from Fagali’i, located within the Apia town area, were made possible after Samoa government owned Polynesian Airlines, which owns Fagali’i airport, gave the green light to Samoa Air, who has been waiting since early this year for landing rights approval.
Local agent for Samoa Air, David Prescott said the first flight from Fagali’i arrived in Pago Pago on Wednesday and it was full, as was the outbound flight. He says the airline is looking at adding a second flight due to the demand on this route.
Currently Samoa Air operates daily flights between Pago Pago and Fagali’i as well as a daily flight between Tafuna airport and Faleolo International Airport on Upolu island. It also operates three weekly direct flights between Maota Airport on Savai’i island in Samoa and Pago Pago.
Samoa Air made international news when launching the Pago Pago route last month with the pay-per-weight fares - or fares based on the passenger's weight plus their baggage.


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