Samoa sends ‘ice’ up in smoke

DESTROYING EVIDENCE: Police officers from the Criminal Investigation Department burning evidence no longer needed by the Court. [Samoa Observer]

A bag of “methamphetamine,” the drug commonly referred to as ‘ice,’ was among a host of evidence that went up in smoke last Friday.

The bag was found at Saleapaga in 2006. It was burnt by Police Officers as part of evidence they no longer require. Superintendent Ulugia Petelo told the Sunday Samoan that it is a Police procedure to destroy all evidence that is no longer needed by the Court.

“The bag of cocaine was found and reported by some people of the village in 2006 to the Police,” Ulugia said. “When it was tested, it was confirmed that the drug was ‘ice’.”

Ulugia said Police investigations to find who had brought it into Samoa were unsuccessful.


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