Bordallo wants missile defense system permanently on Guam

Guam delegate Madeleine Bordallo used the opportunity during a hearing in the nation's capitol to request for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system to permanently deployed to the territory. "In the 11 years that I have been in Congress, I always wanted Guam to be better known but I certainly didn't think that it would be under these circumstances," she explained.

Bordallo is referring to the tensions on the Korean Peninsula and how Guam has suddenly been thrust into spotlight as a result of North Korea's threat of a missile launch targeting the territory. As we reported, in response defense secretary Chuck Hagel announced last week that a THAAD would be deployed here. Bordallo during a House Armed Services Committee hearing on the Defense Department's $530 billion budget request for 2014 asked Secretary Hagel and Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Army General Martin Dempsey to keep the THAAD here permanently.

Bordallo brought up the fact that the permanent basing of a THAAD on Guam was included in the environmental impact statement for the military buildup. Bordallo said, "Given the unpredictability of the various actors in our region, can we expect the recently deployed THAAD to remain on Guam permanently, which would be consistent with the EIS?"

Hagel said, "You ended your statement with the observation which is correct with the uncertainty and unpredictably in your part of the world right now and that's what we have to factor in all our decisions as we prioritize where are the threats where are they coming where they may continue to come from, so our decisions on THAAD on all our platforms are always evaluated on that basis and it specifically address your area and Guam. Now with that let me ask General Dempsey to be more specific."


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