Samoa Health Ministry issues urgent recall of cans of tuna

APIA, Samoa — An urgent recall of batches of cans of Chef’s Choice tuna was ordered by Ministry of Health last week to protect the public.
The recall notice was issued to General Manager, Ah Liki Wholesale and General Store, Palisi, in a fax dated 21st March 2013.
The fax was sent by Frances Brebner, Acting Director General of Health.
An analysis of Chef’s Choice tuna chunk given to Ministry of Health by the company on Wednesday 20 March 2013 led to the recall order.
The fax says “Ministry of Health hereby urgently advises that in order to protect the public, that:
“1. All cans with batch number V12/022835, V12/022838 and V12/022837 are to be immediately withheld from, sale to the public.
“2. Existing and remaining stock of the identified batch numbers of ‘chef’s choice canned tuna’ are to be condemned and destroyed as authorized under the Food and Drugs Act 1967.  The Ministry of Health will be in contact and oversee these processes.
“3. We request your urgent assistance to recall all cans already sold to retail shops from the identified batch numbers.”


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