Samoa businesswoman charged over smuggled container of whisky

APIA, Samoa —  A businesswoman has been charged over a large consignment of bottles of whisky which the authorities say arrived in the country four weeks ago with false import documentation.
She was charged with forgery and giving false information, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fauono Talalelei Tapu told reporters today.
Further details of the woman were withheld other than that she is aged 32.
The investigation into the matter continues, said Fauono.
A host of offences in connection with the consignment were identified by Customs.
Apart from false importation documents, the consignment came in without a liquor importer’s license involved, duty and taxes worth about $200 000 were evaded and the bottles of whisky were distributed to retailers without a distributors license.
Customs located and seized about 918 cartons of whisky bearing the labels “VAT 999 Whisky” and “Democrat Scotch Whisky” from about seven shops in the Apia area.


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