Cool Stuff: Lifeproof for iPhone, HK 7s Prep

The Lifeproof case for iPhone (& full iPads) is spectacular for our cool island and rugby adventures. [photo: Barry Markowitz]

When it poured rain, there were times back in the 90's when I was the only photographer shooting the Hong Kong 7's.  The European and Chinese field photographers had to run for trash bags and umbrellas.  Having "jungle smarts", as Magiagi's Pat Brighouse's son once described my preparedness, has frequently put me on the front lines of cyclone, tsunamis, earthquakes and outdoor sporting events when others fail.  I always, always have environmental element cover protection for everything....in advance, be it camera, camcorder, flash memory, my head, or cell phone.
The Lifeproof phone case meets all of our island demands in rain or dropping it off a boat.  Lifeproof is not just water resistant it is waterproof to 6.6 feet (limited probably due to pressure considerations.)  It fits the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and later generation full size iPads...no iPad minis yet, but Pope Francis & I are praying for them...still think he is a cool guy.
Lets say I am traveling to visit my mates in Chandler, Arizona.  They have these incredible "Haboob" dust storms for which only active duty Afghanistan Toa Samoa and Iraq War vets like Melila Purcell are adequately prepared.  Just when your Lifeproof case helps you escape that dusty drama, you are rushing to catch your US Airways flight at Phoenix's Sky Harbor Intl. Airport, and your iPhone goes flying out of your pocket.  Lifeproof's case saves your phone again as it is drop proof for at about 6 1/2 feet....and snow proof.
At the top left, the earphone jack has a screw in cap with gasket.  Screw in the swim adapter, add waterproof earphones and you can swim with it, jet ski, paddle, stand up paddle, or work below deck in hold #6 with me in a purse seiner.
Lifeproof's customer service is excellent.  The yellow gasket that provides waterproof integrity at the cord dock will pop out if you try to use an old or aftermarket charging cord.  I emailed Lifeproof and they promptly sent out replacement gaskets.
Each Lifeproof case has a serial number to maintain quality control, and also, because their is a surge of counterfeit cases out there.  Beware, the bogus ones are junk!  I recommend you get your case at Best Buy or from Lifeproof's online site for $79.  They are worth every penny.
You will also see on their website:  http://www.lifeproof.com, the orange floater case that we boat and watermen embrace, belt clips, skins, arm bands, etc.
If you have a Samsung Galaxy IIIs their case is coming soon.  Got a late generation iPod Touch...your case is waiting for you to order.
Not often a manufacturer meets our island needs and high standards.  A gold star on the forehead of Lifeproof's CEO....and a Mark Harmon slap on the back of your head if you don't rush out and save your smartphone investment from the daily perils on which we thrive.
Keep my beer chilled and my meat pies steaming at Hong Kong 7's Stadium these coming days.  And post games, of course we will do a Cool Stuff tour of the Kowloon Night Market. 
Cheers Coolio Mates...Go the Manu! 


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