Weaknesses worked on by Manu 7’s

APIA: WEDNESDAY 13 MARCH 2013 — Cut down the penalty count in the contact area.

So use the gate entrance into rucks, not come in from the sides; remember the other rules that govern the struggle for the ball at close quarters.

Giving away too many penalties is one of the weaknesses identified by management of Manu Samoa 7’s which has been the target at training in the count down towards the Hong Kong leg of the World Series.

Tackling has been another focus, in particular the need for one player in blue to put down the ball carrier of the opposition.

If it takes two Manu Samoa players to ground one opponent a gap is created in the defense for the opposition to exploit.

“Remember it’s seven (players) against seven,” said coach Tausa Fa’amaoni Lalomilo.

Training also focused on the need to make the right decisions.

Manu Samoa 7’s training squad pushed through a power run this morning using the steps of a stand at Apia Park.

Paul Perez eased up at the latter stages as if bothered by his troublesome knee but he completed the power run.


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