Hawkeye: What astounding lives we lead

“What soap is for the body, tears are for the soul.”

“Those who are at war with others are not at peace with themselves.”

Good morning and a good day to all friends and fans of Hawkeye.

Hawkeye and Sweet Leanor were having a rare conversation the other evening after a “Supper” of “Chitlins & Okra.” The subject of Facebook and its value to society arose. Hawkeye said that he thinks Facebook is a constant link to ones childhood. Hawkeye said that he thought Mack Suckerberger stumbled on to a great thing when he created Facebook. Hawkeye quickly agreed with himself as he often does, and credited Sweet Leanor for her input to the otherwise “one-sided conversation!” It is nice to be able to sit down for a chat after dinner, even if it makes no sense!

Hawkeye would suppose that this is where the word; “nonsense” came from. Tanielo [Daniel] Webstah [Wabbistah] was probably having a conversation with his wife Samielo, [Sam] after a dinner/supper of wine and “Frog-Legs.” Humm. What does all of this have to do with Chitlins? Hawkeye not know…Over… Gotta ask old Tanielo wherever he may be..

And what about that terrible massacre there in the great Estete [State] of Colorado? What other than downright meanness, stupidity, arrogance, Drug Induced, self crazed, egotistical, moron would cause this otherwise young Homo to commit this act of violence? We may never know short of enhanced interrogation tactics IE: Water boarding!  This individual does not warrant any breaks. He by all rights should be swinging from a Colorado Gallows by now. After all, is there a shadow of a doubt that this fellow went to that Theatre with the intent of creating Mayhem? If he had this insatiable urge to spray other Homo-sapiens with “Hot Lead.” He could have gone either to Afghanistan, Medico, or Chicago! Over.

There is one thing for sure; the media coverage that this idiot is receiving right now would be enough to encourage other Crack-Heads to follow Suit! Society should give this Homo the same treatment that he afforded the Law’s of Colorado; total ignorance!

In the interim, Mayor Rohm Emanuel of the windy city is having problems of his own. Gang related homicides are on the rise, and the Gang violence in general threatens all walks of society in the Boom Town of Chicago.. This would have Albert Capone, Machine Gun Kelley, and Pretty boy Floyd rolling around their boxes!

This is likely to remind The Mayor of his days in the White House, linking Horns with the First Lady and Valerie Jarrett..Humm..

And as we move right along, we seem to end up in the middle of the Syrian Crisis. Hillary is threatening the USSR, and the Red Chinese over their taking sides with the Syrian Government as it maims, slaughters, rapes, plunders and Pillages its honorable citizens.

This is one conflict that the USA should keep away from. If Russia & China are bound and determined to take sides with the Insane Dictator of Damascus, so be it. We should hand it over to them and say: “here, have at it.” We, [The Americans] can no longer afford to engage our armed forces in another war. We have used up most of our Defense resources without having replaced anything pertaining to Defense! We will soon be sitting ducks for any little third world country that decides to go up against the once strongest military force in the world! We need to simply “Butt Out” when it comes to Syria as the Russians and the Chinese are not likely to ever back down and join the United Nations votes to impose crippling sanctions against Syria and Iran. We need to bring our troops home and put them to work rebuilding America!

Getting back to Wonderland, it seems as though the funds for “Fa’Lavie’Lavie’s” are fast dwindling. This is manifested by the announcement that the “Lady Naomi” can no longer meet its scheduled sailing’s in to Hooterville. This is a definite sign of the times fans, and this should be a mental marker for those who believe that a business will run its self! This is proof that the Companies who remain in business do so because they demand a “Days Work for a Days Pay! This is a good attitude for the Local Government to adapt. Never mind price increases to those who are today struggling to keep the kids in school, and to keep food on the table.

The days of “A Rolls Royce” in every driveway and “Lamb-Flaps” in every pot are soon to be things of the past. Things that we will talk about in the future as we sit in the middle of our “Wagon Circles” wondering what the hell happened!

As we lead in to another “Fun Filled” week in paradise, we must not forget to keep the vidual for our alien friends. Do remember that when they get here, they will eat the fat ones first!

With love and kindness until next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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