Daylight robbery in Apia shocks victim

A Chinese man working in Samoa got the shock of his life when a man broke into his house in broad daylight yesterday, snatched his mobile phone from his hand and made a run for it.

Even more shocking for the 38-year-old construction worker, Miao Xiaoguan was the fact the daylight robbery took place metres from the Ministry of Justice and Court Administration building at Mulinu’u, a place packed by police officers on a daily basis.

Mr. Xiaoguan, who works for Tianjin Construction, was badly shaken up by what happened. He told the Samoa Observer he could not believe how someone could be “so brave.”

“I was lying on my bed using my phone when someone walked into my house and snatched the phone from me,” he said. “He just took off.”

Tianjin Construction is the company that built the Ministry of Justice and Courts Administration building and Tofilau Eti Alesana building. Both buildings are at at Mulinu’u.

“We work and live here,” said Mr. Xiaoguan. “We built the Court House and Legislative building and now we keep maintenance of both buildings.”

The theft occurred at about 10am yesterday.

People at the Courthouse were taken by surprise when two Chinese men came running outside, shouting for help. One of them had log of wood in his hand.

The police responded immediately.

An eye-witness, who spoke to the Samoa Observer on the condition of anonymity, said he felt sorry for the Chinese men.

“I was just standing here (court house) when I heard a Chinese man screaming,” he said.

“I decided to help him out, so I headed for the bushes. I heard movement so I started tossing some rocks to where the noise was coming from.

“The thief came out and the police took him.”


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