Weightlifting debuts in the high schools

[photo: Jeff Hayner]

Sonny Kaleopa of Samoana High School last Saturday at the Marist St. Joseph Old Boys Recreation center where ASHSAA announced the introduction of weightlifting as a part of its list of competitive sports.
Seated to the right is the President of the Weightlifting Association of American Samoa (WAAS) Albert Mailo. The WAAS will be guiding the athletes and their coaches throughout the season making sure they follow the rules and lift with proper technique and form.
The three schools that will be suiting up a team for a debut performance are the Samoana Sharks, the Tafuna Warriors and the Fa’asao Marist Crusaders.
Coach for the Crusaders weightlifting team Filo Langkilde told the Samoa News that  most of his team "is made up of football players and I want them to get the right technique and form down, because I know I can take this back to our football weight training program which I know will help us out.”
Coach for the Samoana Sharks is Sila Samuelu and for the Warriors is Oakland Salave’a.


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