Rotary donates dictionaries to Leone Midkiff

Rotary Club of Pago Pago president Jacqueline Young and club members after donating dictionaries to 3rd grade classes at Leone Midkiff Elementary School. [courtesy photo]

President Jacqueline Young of the Rotary Club of Pago and club members presented free Children’s Dictionaries to all the 3rd Grade students at Leone Midkiff Elementary School.
The principal, teachers and students thanked Young and the Rotary Club of Pago Pago for this blessing and gift for the students.
The students were very excited as they wrote their names in the dictionaries to show that each owns their own dictionary.
The first word they looked up was “school” and they shouted, “It’s a noun!”
In the past the children had to share the limited number of dictionaries owned by the school. The Rotary Club of Pago Pago will donate dictionaries to all 3rd Grade students in the ASG Dept. of Education representing over 1,000 dictionaries free of charge to the school and the students.
President Jacqueline said, “This will be an annual project for the Rotary Club of Pago Pago, as a way to help our students learn by having their own dictionaries.”


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