Samoa eyes retirees to fill science teacher vacancies

The head of Samoa’s Catholic colleges says foreign and retired teachers may be needed to cope with a shortage of science teachers.

The Ministry of Education in Samoa needs to fill nine vacant positions across the five Catholic secondary schools in Samoa.

The Catholic colleges have long relied on ex-students, volunteers and public servants to teach science part-time.

The Director of Catholic Education Ae’au Chris Hazelman says an education advisory committee within the Education Ministry put a motion forward to look into hiring foreign teachers and inviting retirees to return to work.

“The ministry of education, they could actually look at leading this, especially in tapping into these other volunteer programmes, looking at retirees from other countries who are retired teachers, who may want to come back to Samoa and work for a couple of years.”

Ae’au Chris Hazelman says education officials are also exploring how to offer better incentives to attract new teachers and retain existing ones.


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