Hawkeye: Where is our Veterinarian?

“The supreme purpose of history is a better world.”

Believe in getting yourself in to hot water; it keeps you clean!”

And along with those words of wisdom, we continue with our “Twist & Turns” through life on a daily basis.

The North Koreans seem bound & Determined to go ahead with another “Nuke Test” while the free world sits idly by and watches it happen. This is like a double edged Sword fans. We are dammed if we attack and stop this potential threat, and we are equally dammed if we don’t in that to allow these people to start launching rockets with Nuclear warheads in to the US Mainland is just plain unacceptable!

The Iranians are getting ever closer to achieving their Nuclear Arms goal, and that is to shove it right up the old “Keestah” of the USA! We cannot allow this to happen either, and now is the time for all good men & women to come to the aid of their country beginning with the “Commandeer in Chief.” We could have left somewhat of a void within the State Department when we replaced Hillary with Kerry. This is not to be swamping Hillary with praise for burning Millions of Gallons of JP5 on an Air Force Jet, in her endeavors to be the most traveled Secretary of State in the history of Secretaries of State! Mr. Kerry is likely to bore Homos throughout the world to death in the first few months of his tenure as Secretary of State. Humm {Remember the “Swift Boat” Homo-sapiens that stood up and told the truth pertaining to his tenure as a “Swiftie” Skipper in Vietnam. That was the beginning of the end of his run for the “White House.”

People are asking Hillary if she is planning to run in 2016. She answered that she might run if she could see across the Delaware River where George Washington did the famous and Historical “Coin Toss!”

Then there is our good friends the Israelites. “God’s Chosen People.” As Hawkeye sees it, God has chosen these poor Homo-sapiens to fight their way through life against all odds. And this brings Hawkeye to the gross lack of support for the only true Allies that the US have in that part of the world. Should Hawkeye ever become Presetene, {President} of the United Estete, {States} he will donate the entire land that makes up Texas, Arizona, and Milwaukee, as a homeland for the Israelites! That will solve the dilemma of who shot John! No one will care one way or another who shot John!

Speaking of who shot John, that new Veterans Memorial across from the Ford Place is an admirable piece of Architecture. This is where we vets can go to reminisce without getting branded a Head Case. It will be rather therapeutic to just go there and bask in the hot sun for about eight hours while we are waiting for the wives to arrive home from work. That will give us plenty of time to clear the cobwebs, and move on with the present! If we just try it, we might like it. Hawkeye will use this in place of the expensive trips to “Fair-haven!”

And to top it all off for the week, there have been numerous reports of “King Richard theTurd” being located beneath a Parking lot next to “Buckinghorse Palace.” They knew for sure that it was King Jamie the Third, er, ah, King Ritchie the Turd, due to DNA found under his stiff upper lip! The real clincher was the fact that King Ritchie was a hunchback, as was depicted from a digital Photo taken of him by King Henry the eighth 500 centuries ago! Gots to learn to love that DNA!

They said that King Ritchie had a smile on his skeleton that was most likely the first time he had smiled all his life! It is said that the reason for the rare smile was the very fact that he was happy to have been located after nearly 500 years! His next quest is to look for his car that is believed to have been buried under the parking lot as a result of an earthquake of biblical proportions, {whatever that is.} Anyhow, Malo to King Richard the 3rd and to his miraculous resurrection!

Hawkeye was certainly happy to learn that the Alabama Police Department, led by Joe Biden was successful in their fantastic raid on that Kidnappers Hideaway Bunker. This 6 year old boy was very lucky to have been rescued alive, and it is further fantastic that the kidnapper was shot and killed like the 9 point Buck by that 10 year old kid in Pennsylvania. Over. “Go Pennsylvania!”

The super Bowl was overcome by a rather tense moment when the power went out on Bourbon Street smack in the middle of the St. Vides Shuffle! That sort of leads the organizers of the Mardi -grass to see who to point the finger at for the Screw up at the “Super Dome!” They attempted to blame it on Bouncy but that didn’t go over to well.

“ENUFF” until this time next week,

Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor.


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