Flag Day 2013 slated for only one day

No "Liki Kirikiti" or dance group from Samoa this year

The Office of Samoan Affairs has confirmed that there will be only one day for the 2013 Flag Day celebration which will also include the annual fautasi race and traditional Samoan “siva ma pese” (dance and song) but there will be no cricket tournament, says deputy secretary of Samoan Affairs Tuiagamoa Tavai.

The one day of the annual celebration marking the 113th year since American Samoa became part of the U.S. family is set for April 17 - which is the day the first U.S. flag was raised on Sogelau Hill in Fagatogo marking the Flag Day event.

Tuiagamoa explained that the reason there will be no annual Flag Day Cricket Tournament is due to time constraints. He said cricket team registration usually gets underway in early January and not long thereafter the cricket tournament begins for both men and women’s divisions.

But this year, it’s already February and registration has yet to begin and therefore it was decided not to include the Samoan “liki kirikiti” for this year’s Flag Day sports activities, he said, adding that its hoped that the cricket league will resume next year.

The cricket tournament - especially in the men’s division - usually attracts a large crowd at Fagaalu Park. It has been a fixture of annual Flag Day events for many years.

The “siva and pese”, is being prepared by the villages representing the Manu’a, Eastern and Western districts as well as “pese and siva” prepared by Swain Islanders living on Tutuila. There will also be a fautasi race.

However, no invitation will be sent to Samoa for groups to participate in siva and pese or the fautasi race, except for the usual invitations for leaders of the Samoa government.

Samoan Affairs is looking at next Monday for the first meeting of fautasi captains to discuss the race and other issues, including the rules for all teams to abide by, said Tuiagamoa.

The venue for this year’s Flag Day ceremony - where Gov. Lolo Matalasi Moliga will deliver his first Flag Day address as chief executive - is not set yet but will be announced at a later time, along with the rest of the Flag Day program, being planned by Samoan Affairs.


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