Dear Editor:

Reading your daily reporting on the Fono confIrmation hearings reminds me of "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly". The good like ASPA, Police Commissioner, Department of Education, Hospital, and Communications.

The Bad like the Department of Commerce. For a businessman nominee to believe that Samoan businessmen with bad or poor credit ratings should be given public money loans from the Development Bank is a slap in the face for honest, hard working Samoan businessmen who have earned good credit ratings!

When this comment was made your paper indicated that several lawmakers nodded their heads in agreement. I can only imagine what their credit ratings look like. For years the Development Bank has been famous for giving huge loans to bad credit risk individuals because of their status only to be written off later — a practice which needs to stop.

The Ugly has to be Port Administration. I can't believe that a single Senator or Representative could possibly believe that Mrs. Poumele is qualified as Director of this critical Department. The only access for people and goods on or off the Island and all that entails, in the hands of an educator-teacher, is wrong.

But, as always, personal and family contacts along with politics always seem to overshadow common sense and logic in our government. Every four years the Fono loses its credibility as far as confirmations go by these decisions.

Lastly, the asinine statement about not arresting the "Fathers of the Territory" if they are stopped for a DUI just proves that their double standard mentality never goes away.

His statement just justifies why Senators should be elected and not selected!! As for our new District Faipule. Melodramatics and tears not your "Moses" will get these pathetic roads repaired. It will take money and a reliable contractor so concentrate on finding funds if you want to save us Israelites.

Jim Brittle


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