KFC American Samoa temporarily closes its doors

Pizza Hut still open for business

KFC American Samoa, the local franchise of the KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken, is negotiating a new franchise agreement and that is the reason the local restaurant is temporarily closed.

A sign is already posted at the KFC restaurant located at Tafuna Industrial Park about the temporary closure of the American Samoa franchise, which is one of the businesses owned by the Otto Haleck Sr. family.

“After ten years of serving American Samoa, the franchise agreement between Yum Restaurants International, the Franchisor of KFC Restaurants, and KFC American Samoa the Franchisee has expired,” said Avamua Dave and O. Vince Haleck of the local franchise in a media statement released last night.

“KFC is now temporarily closed. Negotiations are underway for a new International Franchise Agreement and we look forward to reopening KFC in the very near future,” it says.

“We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience and support. We will endeavor to reopen as soon as possible under new local ownership,” the statement added.

There was no further explanation about the “new local ownership”.

Meanwhile, Avamua said the family’s local franchise license for the Pizza Hut restaurant, located next to KFC at the Industrial Park, “is not affected.” (KFC shares a building site with Pizza Hut)


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