We, as a society, have difficulty believing that a woman can sexually molest a child. Women are mothers, nurturers, home makers and the safety net within the home. A woman protects and shelters her child like a ‘hen would gather her chicks to her bosom’.

Yet, according to a report in Samoa News, the innocence of a young boy out for a swim turns into a charade where he is able to be sexually victimized. The police report is so interesting; you can see how an adult woman’s acts can influence other young kids to help her molest him — all easily disguised under fun and games. What’s a 30-year-old woman doing jumping on the back of a 13-year-old boy? Contact sports are an easy way of groping, fondling or grabbing a free feel aimed for private parts.

A young boy is boldly teased by an adult female to allow her to fondle him. Teased that he is gay, unless he can prove otherwise. Teased in front of his friends and siblings, being laughed at and humiliated, adding more pressure on him to submit. (I’m sure many young readers know what that feels like.)

The frightening thing is this woman influenced his friends to laughingly join in with her to commit a crime — to laughingly push him into the water for her to grab.

Unfortunately, many women are playing the increasing role of being enablers or were found culpable in sexual crimes committed against their own children, grandchildren or adopted children. Crimes that were perpetrated, by fathers, step fathers, grandfathers, uncles and mothers’ lovers.

(The timeless echoing question — “where was the mother?”)

Usually these types of crimes are all about the adult, all about the mother who is being abused, trying to protect herself, the possible loss of their security, fear of immigration issues/deportation. The list goes on to disclaim their responsibility to protect the child and report. It is easy for a woman to use her child as a shield from a man's wrath, rather than seek help.

Many women are just as good as men in grooming, luring and enticing children and young adults, into participating in sexual behaviors. This is done by camouflaging them with fun, secrecy, exciting group activities or being apathetic and indifferent to the child’s discomfort.

I am so grateful to this concerned mother who believed her son and reported what he told her. According to the Samoa News article there were many witnesses present and this perpetrator is not a stranger.

A thought for 2013 — Who is watching over your child? Who is bathing and putting your children to sleep? Who are your boy scouts leaders? Who is the educator that is teaching your child? The list goes on. Don’t be too busy to find out. Everything boils down to getting involved.

Get your Faipule and Senators involved in passing the Child Abuse Bill/Law.


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