PM warns Magiagi village

Prime Minister Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi has warned the village of Magiagi against breaking the law. He issued a reminder that anyone who breaks the law will suffer the consequences of their actions.

“What people must remember is that you cannot break the law and if you do, then you will have to pay the price,” said Tuilaepa. “There are ways to deal with people who break the law.

“No village should ever be allowed to continuously break the law. Using reasons such as ‘this is our land and our water’ to argue against not paying their bills is not right. It should not be the way to go about the situation.”

Tuilaepa was speaking to the media to address threats from Magiagi. The village insists it will not budge and accept the Government’s request to allow EPC workers to install cash power meters in their homes. The Government claims Magiagi owes millions in unpaid electricity and it wants them to start paying.

But Magiagi villager mayor, Tuiono Leto’afa Keni says the village will not be intimidated by the Prime Minister. “Our village had a meeting and we have unanimously agreed to say no to cash power meters,” Tuiono said.

“As long as the government pays us as we’ve agreed in 1983, then we will switch to cash power. In the absence of that payment, we will not switch to cash power.”

Tuiono didn't say how much the Government owes Magiagi for their land being used for the Hydro Power Plant. He didn't elaborate on the agreement in 1983 either. But Tuilaepa says there are ways to resolve the issue. “It seems that Magiagi are looking for compensation.


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