Samoa judge calls for sex offenders registry

JUSTICE VUI CLARENCE NELSON (Inset): People need to be warned. (About the background photo. Sex offender-free zone districts in the US. Photo/Wikipedia/GNU licensed). (Samoa Observer)

Supreme Court Justice, His Honour Vui Clarence Nelson has called for a registration system for sex offenders so they can easily be identified.

The suggestion was made after a 45-year-old male was charged and sentenced for indecent assault – yet again.

The man, who has been given name suppression to protect the identity of the young victim, was previously sentenced to three years imprisonment in 2009 for indecently assaulting a neighbour’s seven-year-old daughter.

Yesterday, he appeared in Court again for the same charge.This time, he was accused of indecently assaulting another neighbour’s daughter, also seven-years-old, on 27 December 2012.

On the day of the incident, it is reported the defendant took the young victim to town to do some grocery shopping.When they returned home, the defendant took the girl to his house, where he then committed the offence.

The police summary ofthe case related that the victim’s family became suspicious of the defendant because they would see him “carrying the victim on his back” and “holding her hand.”

The victim was then interviewed by her family, where she confessed what the defendant did to her.

Consequently, the family reported the matter to the Police.

The Court heard that the defendant told a probation officerthat he“is not attracted to young girls” and he has “a healthy sexual relationship with his wife.”

“Clearly, that is rubbish,” Justice Vui said.

“The defendant clearly has issues with touching young girls. Some offenders are cured of this by being sent to prison. Some are not. The defendant seems to fall into the latter category.”


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