CJ Floor Jr. first MMA fight set for Hawai’i in February

Local wrestler extraordinaire CJ Floor, who comes from the Sagapolutele family here in American Samoa, is in training at this time in preparation for his very first Mixed Martial Arts fight that will be taking place this coming Feb. 16, in Hawaii on the island of Kauai in ‘Ainofea’s Kauai Cage Match’ (Mayhem at the Mansion). [courtesy photo]

Local wrestling extraordinaire CJ Floor Jr., who comes from the Sagapolutele family here in American Samoa, will be stepping into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) arena for the very first time on Saturday, Feb. 16 in Hawaii on the island of Kauai, in the ‘Ainofea’s Kauai Cage Match’ (Mayhem at the Mansion).

In less than a month, Floor who will be turning 22 only one day after the fight, will be putting himself in the MMA arena for the very first time at the young age of 21 to see if he can use some of his wrestling skills, a sport in which he was known to dominate in, to try and walk away with a victory — a victory he can use to celebrate along with his 22nd birthday.

Floor, Jr. who now lives in Waipahu, Hawaii trains with Deutsch Pu’u who is another American Samoa MMA fighter who has been seen on the world stage in this growing sport of gladiators. Alongside Floor, Jr., as a training partner, is Travis Nua who is also helping in getting the young Floor ready for battle.

Pu’u who recently announced his retirement from MMA, is in the territory at this time for the funeral of his mother who recently passed away. Samoa News sends their condolences to the Pu’u family.

Floor, Jr. will be making his professional debut MMA fight against Cameron Silva, but in the fight business anything can happen as fight opponents change constantly due to the rugged training styles of the fighters.

Samoa News spoke with Floor,Jr. ‘via’ email who took a few moments away from his strenuous training routine. “I was told I would be fighting Silva if I get down to a certain weight. But to be honest, it really does not matter who I fight. I train like I am fighting the best fighters in the world. I have to train that way, because anything can happen,” he.

“I am training for a UFC Belt. I am focused and I will be ready on February 16. I would like to thank Deutsch Pu’u and Travis Nua and all of those who have helped me and are helping me in my training.”

At this time CJ said he would probably be fighting at 205 lbs. He stated that Pu’u was teaching him boxing, while Nua was showing some ground techniques in jiujitsu, with all of the training be done for free for anyone who wants to learn fighting techniques. He also said that he would like to come back to American Samoa someday to give back by teaching the young kids of the territory the art of wrestling and MMA.


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