Ronaiah Tuiasosopo signaling to a friend in the crowd after meeting and embracing Manti Teo following the most recent USC vs Notre Dame football  game, Saturday, Nov. 24, 2012 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. [photo & copyright: Barry Markowitz. Copying, printing or republishing prohibited,violators will be litigated.]

I really like the Tuiasosopo family, and I really like all but one uncle of Manti’s Teo Family. Because of this affection, I probably lost over $150,000 prior to Manti's interview with Katie Couric. Only you Coolio's get the scoops before Dr. Phil airs in the Territory on Thursday and Friday with the Ronaiah Tuiasosopo interview/ intervention/ sensational broadcast.

(Locally, Cable Channel 30 is scheduled to air Dr. Phil at 3 p.m. American Samoa time. The broadcast is streamed from Hawaii television and hopefully the cable will have their streaming capabilities up and running.)

TV and tabloids would have paid me almost any asking price for my images of the first meeting, embrace, discussion between Manti, Ronaiah and a little girl. Rather than hurt those families with others using my images for their own agenda, I withheld them.

The Dr. Phil Show will run three photos of mine during the show, possibly both days. Yes I received a petty lua tala. But the positive perspective of Dr. Phil's genre, and the quality production people I worked with convinced me that this would be the right place and the right time for broadcast of those few images.

I trust the Samoa News to do what is truthful and what is right for Manti and Ronaiah, the Tuiasosopo's and the Teo's. The Samoa News will be the first to publish in hard copy those images this Saturday. Expect a sellout, buy early, and buy extra for your family overseas — and be grateful you have long been a Coolio.

The Ronaiah interview could explode rather than put to bed the Manti Teine Aitu drama. Photo forensics of my images indicate questions as to how Ronaiah got access to the secured area where I documented Manti greeting family and friends.

USC top sports executives have denied issuing Ronaiah privileges to the field or secured areas. Did Ronaiah claim that he was on the field for the game?

There is a little girl in my images greeting Manti that allegedly was introduced as Lennay Kekua's cousin. Was that Ronaiah's little sister? Who is the other young guy hanging out near Ronaiah and Manti in my images? Who were the two guys that walked up the Colliseum Tunnel when Manti greeted my family post game? Why did Notre Dame Athletic Officials, who deny all complicity with/or knowledge of Ronaiah, insist I stop taking photos and threatened to have me arrested by the LAPD when I was 15 feet away from Manti?

Hmmm. Back to that access wristband that Ronaiah was wearing that you will see on Saturday.

I think you will see my images prove Manti to be innocent of the stupid allegations, or even Katie Couric’s inappropriate questions like "Manti are you a fa'afafine?"

My photos do not clear Manti of perpetuating the fraud. Sorry guys. After Ronaiah's two days of interviews I think Cool Stuff may address some of the deeper matters, and how Manti's people could have counseled him better.

More scoops for you Coolios is that former USC Football player and Ronaiah's father, Titus Tuiasosopo, was also interviewed yesterday for Dr. Phil.

More scoops, while we failed in our attempt to interview both Manti and Ronaiah before they contracted with Katie and Dr. Phil, Samoa News and Cool Stuff remain the center of the Samoan Universe for rugby (USA and Hong Kong Sevens), football, mea ai, techie goodies, and bizarro stuff like this.

You must agree from our perspective this drama is a soap that screams out to be called "Days of Our Uce's" — probably to be seen soon at a Laughing Samoan performance near you.


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