Dear Editor,

Excuse me for “venting” however, Inter-Island Air needs a COMPLETE chastising for their performance (or non-performance) in Samoa.

Here is the situation. We had a round-trip flight to connect with Air New Zealand for a much-needed holiday to New Zealands’ South Island. The whole trip was GREAT and everything worked PERFECTLY… UNTIL we got back to Samoa and went to get our return-trip to American Samoa on Inter-Island Air.

There was NO ONE at the airport from Inter-island to let us know what the problem was; both Inter-Island aircraft were “broken” and the airline was NOT flying.

This is not an unusual situation, as each time I have tried to get to Manu’a to deal with our (KVZK) TV translators over there, Inter-Island has been broken down (MANY thanks Joe!!!!!!)

Here is where the situation gets worse… (no communication is a BIG problem, but yes, it got worse!)

We were told that there “may” be someone from Inter-Island to pick us up at Faleolo airport and take us to Fagali’i airport, where Polynesian flies from. We were advised it would be best to take a taxi to Fagali’i, which we did, and paid 90 tala to do so.

When we got to Fagali’i we had to locate the Inter-Island agent and surrender our passports to him. We waited the entire day on “stand-by” as Polynesian was fully booked.

At about 5:30 or 6:0 p.m., a LARGE group of us were still sitting at Fagali’i. Inter-Island offered the group to be “put up” at a small motel across the street from their office in Apia. The problem was; it was raining all day in Apia and the room we were given had a 6” pool of water that one had to walk through, with shoes and socks on (sorry, I’m a stupid Palagi) before you could enter the room.

I’m sorry, but I’m old, and this is unacceptable. The story at this point was we needed to be back at Fagali’i the next morning at 7:30 a.m. to sit on wooden benches, with no food, for an entire day, to await a possible “standby” booking on Polynesian.

This is unacceptable for old people, like me.

This caused more expenses, another taxi ride, and a stay at another hotel in Apia, just to be able to rent a car the next day, so we could get to the Polynesian office and BOOK a CONFIRMED flight 2 days later.

Three (3) days in Apia and Inter-Island air says they will only refund the first day of our stay in Apia since we were refunded the Inter-Island air fare the second day we were in Apia.

This is totally bad customer-service, and the communication is HORRIBLE. On top of all this, it took a CALL to Esther Prescott-Sene to even get the REFUND process started (Had to leave a message, she was not there).

Inter-Island Air does NOTHING until they get bothered to do it, and their service AND COMMUNICATION (or lack thereof) is a joke. They could have e-mailed; but did NOT!

Respectfully and Sincerely,

Jeffrey C. Alwin

American Samoa resident


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