Hawkeye: Support your Local Faipule

“A little bit of experience upsets a whole lot of theory.”

“Setting a good example for our children takes all the fun out of being middle aged.”

Good morning to all good friends, Loyal Readers, and long time fans of Hawkeye. “HOWZIT?”

Hawkeye was reading with the gleefulness of a school boy the article about the Roads in greater Wonderland. Especially the Airport Road which is undoubtedly one of the most traveled Highways in the all of Hooterville. The Tualauta County Rep. has sought to work on our road situation for months to no avail. Hawkeye hereby gives a whole bunch of Kudos to Larry Sanitoa for his efforts to seek methods of improvement for our motoring public.

It has long been noted that while our off island contractors are committed to serving we the people of Wonderland, that they cannot take it much further than the “Commitment Stage” without some sort of Monetary compensation.This is where the newly found checks & balances will come in to effect, along with complete honesty and accountability within our new administration. From these humble beginnings, we will soon be reaping rewards beyond the comprehension of the great Homo-sapien Race.  One good turn will lead to another and therefore ensuring we the fine upstanding citizenry of Paradise that all will be well from here on in, or out, whichever comes first.

The bottom line is that all of the fine Homo-sapiens of Paradise will once again feel the rewards of a Moa, (Chicken) in every pot, and a bright shiny new “Hummer” in every driveway. Thus we can once again take it a day at a time, and stop, look, and listen before we attempt to cross the railroad twacks! So we the people must get behind our local Faipule and watch him or her lead the “Solofanua” (Horses) to water. The fun part will be when we attempt to make them “Drink!”

But, the bottom line is for everyone to remain calm even when the wheels of our chariots drop off into potholes three plus feet deep! Just keep one thing in our sights: We are headed for a better future Folks, because it couldn’t possibly get any worse! Over!

Hawkeye has been enjoying the wet weather that we are experiencing these days’ fans. It has been a far cry from the heat wave that we have just endured. The cooler temperatures caused by overlying cloud cover will give us a breather on our utility bills. Hawkeye will remind everyone while we are on the subject, to conserve all the common necessities that we normally take for granite. A little bit of austerity will go a long way in a near crisis? It is called teaming up and pulling together. {Or Security in numbers.}

If one Homo decides to tell the Boss where to get off at, that Homo will likely be looking for employment elsewhere. If all the employees band together and tell the Boss where to get off at, they will all most likely all still have a job while their employer has a chance to take a look at himself and wonder if everyone could be wrong. Thus he has an honest look inside his own head, and what conscience he has left, and quite possibly can have an employee’s meeting and ask: Where did we go wrong, and what can we do to correct it?

Hawkeye has worked for some real ding-a-lings in his lifetime. It is often hard to hold one’s temper when he or she is right 100% of the time like Hawkeye! This makes for a direct “Head-On-Collision” with the derelict Boss. Some of these Homos exhibit the “Little Person” complex as they feel as though the shortest of the Employees are looking down at them. While this may be true in most cases, the boss’s inability to absorb it will inadvertently lead to Bumps or potholes in the road of employment! Over.

One would suppose that this could be considered a sign of the times, but there in essence is no excuse for a Supervisor being Obnoxious or Belligerent in the workplace. When a supervisor tells an employee that he expects them to be held to the letter in regards to company policy, it could leave the boss sitting out on a limb that is being hacked off by the employee who is in possession of the chain saw!

This will leave the Smart-Assed Boss holding the bag when the employee goes ahead and adheres to strictly enforced company policy leaving the supervisor to explain to his supervisor what went wrong. The problem in most cases is that the Company will side with the Supervisor, right, wrong or indifferent, leaving the employee strung out for doing what he was instructed to do to the letter!

There is a general article in the Uniform Code of Military Justice that covers all situations not covered in the code of conduct. This is a built in “fix it” for such situations just mentioned.

With that, Hawkeye will sweep up Sweet Leanor and speed off for a wild weekend in Happyville!

Keep the Home Fires burning and take care of the Dumb and downright stupid! In most cases they cannot help it.


Hawkeye & Sweet Leanor


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