Samoa police to enforce Sunday beer sales ban

Samoa police will enforce the Sunday beer sales ban at village shops following the weekends fatal head-on-collision at Asaga, Savai’i that instantly killed the driver and a passenger of a taxi.

Four other passengers are in critical condition at the National Hospital.

According to Talamua online, villagers who saw the accident reported to police that the taxi that traveled from Sapapali’i was speeding and drove directly into an oncoming van.

The accident occurred around 3 in the afternoon when the villagers were heading for the afternoon church services.

The Assistant Commissioner of Police, Leaupepe Fatu Pula has confirmed the occupants in the taxi were drunk.

He says this highlights the availability of beer on Sundays when a ban is still in effect.

Police had found empty beer bottles in the smashed car.

Leaupepe says police will now patrol village shops on Sunday and those found selling beer will be charged.


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