First Ace fundraiser stipend awarded

Ms. Nelda Emory [courtesy photo]

The first $500 stipend to make use of the ACE Holiday Fundraiser donation was given to Mrs. Annie Lealaitafea of Nuuuli, who was diagnosed with inoperable cervical cancer this January in Hawai'i at the Queen's Cancer Center. Accepting the patient stipend on behalf of her mother is Ms. Nelda Emory (pictured).

Ms. Emory asked to please convey her family's appreciation to the Coalition, but the Coalition representative responded that the thanks should really go to ACE and all of the ACE Angels who made donations to the cause, even in such a tough economy, and during the holiday season when we all have so many other expenses.Mrs. Lealaitafea is the first awardee, and thanks to the generosity of our community, many American Samoan cancer patients will be helped as well, including Ms. Taufau Siliva of Lauli'i and several others on our wait list.

To apply for a stipend please complete the application found on at www.asccancercoalition.org, attach the patient's doctor's note stating the cancer diagnosis, and email all documents to lmyscanlan@yahoo.com.  The awards are limited to the amount of donations received, and one per patient annually. If you would like to donate to the non-profit Cancer Coalition to help fund patient stipends please call 633-4589.


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