Territory can expect rain, rain, rain for the next few days

TEMCO warns of flooding in low laying areas

The local Department of Homeland Security’s Territorial Emergency Management Coordinating Office (TEMCO)  issued around 9a.m. today an information bulletin regarding current weather conditions in the territory.

It says that the National Weather Service in Pago Pago  has issued a weather advisory outlining conditions we can expect for the next couple of days.

At 7:52a.m. today, the weather service forecast the territory will encounter rain with

The weather service reports that a trough near the Samoan islands will usher in scattered showers over the next couple of days.  Expect locally heavy showers with isolated thunderstorms. East winds are expected at 15 to 25mph with gusts to 40mph. The weather office also issued a small craft advisory for the territory’s costal waters with seas are forecast to be at 6 to 9 feet.

TEMCO advises the public that, heavy rains at times can cause extensive flooding in both coastal and inland areas. “Please be cautious when driving and traveling along mountainous areas,” said TEMCO.

This story will be updated when new information becomes available from the weather service and TEMCO.


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