Dear Editor,

This is a follow up on my letter concerning the way Mr. Bill Hyman handles the IRB Rugby games over channel 11. The Manu Samoa Sevens Team ought to be congratulated for the great win in Dubai defeating the New Zealand All Blacks in the hard fought final against many injuries and  the barring of its captain from playing. I am sure many people both here and in Samoa stayed up late into the early hours awaiting the semi final game between France and the Manu Samoa.

Unfortunately that game did not take place until 2 am Saturday morning. From 1 o’clock to 2 there was a break and as always done by Mr. Hyman, he appeared on the TV introducing his Baha’i faith propagandas. Not all the viewers like or adhere to the Baha’i religion, perhaps only one percent of the viewing population. But Mr. Hyman has the nerve to subject everyone for one hour and watching his propagates for one hour in my opinion is going too far.

He can say that we do not have to watch, which I did and switched to other channels. But don’t you think for something as important as the Manu Samoa game that you owe it to the people, and be honest about it, to leave your religious beliefs to the confines of your church.

I remember a long time ago Mr. Hyman took the Manus game and showed it at the Lee Auditorium for  $10.00 each. I went once and an hour before the game he showed his Baha’i film. I never went since.

For one individual to continue to control the IRB games for religious and perhaps economic gains is not right. And if Mr. Hyman is honest as he preached then do the right thing and let Bluesky take over the showing of all IRB games for the benefit of everyone.

I ask again for anyone who agrees with me to please call Blue Sky. 699-2759

Tauiliili Pemerika

CC: Mr. Adolfo Montenegro

President Blue Sky

Editor's note:  Apologies, this letter to the editor was inadvertently omitted from our Dec. 11, 2012 update.


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