Four of the 35 graduates of the UH Cohort program, who received their education degrees during the commencement ceremony at the Lee Auditorium, on Monday, Dec. 17, 2012. [photo: LF]

“If what you mean by your slogan — “Take the Lead”— is not coming late to school, taking the lead for not complaining about getting paid according to your BA and MA degree, taking the lead for not backstabbing the principal and your fellow teachers when your personal agenda is not being met — If that is what you mean by “taking the lead” —referring strictly to higher standards and classroom performance and personal character, then we will be going home today more than happy,” was the message from Rev. Fouvale Asiata during the Cohort graduation with the University of Hawai’i Manoa, where 35 teachers received their Bachelors and Masters degrees in education and interdisciplinary action. 

The Reverend thanked the teachers for assuring that the future of our children’s education and education in general will continue to be in good hands of faithful and committed teachers like the graduating class.

Rev. Asiata of the CCCAS in Matu’u and Faganeanea conducted the invocation for the graduation ceremony held at the Lee Auditorium.

Director of Education designee, Dr. Jacinta Galea’i and Gov. Togiola Tulafono each gave remarks.

Galea’i noted the difficulty of teaching and going to school at the same time, along with attending to family duties, and congratulated the graduating class.

“But here you are… as you prepare to celebrate tonight and celebrate the birth of Christ— I ask all of us— let us pray and remember the young families of the children in Newtown Connecticut, and pray for our families in Samoa.

A moment of silence was observed by the graduating class, guests and members of the public who attended the graduation.

Togiola fought back tears as he spoke about the late Senator Fofoga o Samoa Daniel K Inouye and his never ending love for American Samoa and its people.

Alluding to the cohorts’ graduation theme, he said the late Senator was an exceptional leader who never failed to ‘take the lead’ when called for, and that’s what teaching is about.

“When called upon to lead the young children, the impressionable minds of our young ones, you must — for you are the parent away from home,” he said.

“We give you the confidence… that you will feed their minds, that you will impress their hearts and that will leave a long lasting impression in their attitude that they will grow up with. That is why I’ve always said teach them the truth and teach them your character… the right character.

Togiola, who was giving his last remarks as governor before a cohort graduating class, congratulated this latest cohort of teachers.


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